Commercial Refrigeration

CRS Cold Storage Commercial Refrigeration Options

CRS Cold Storage has been providing commercial refrigeration cold storage across a diverse range of industries for over 15 years.

All our refrigeration solutions are delivered to your site directly so you don't need to worry about additional warehousing and transport costs. We can even offer guaranteed first use of new rental/hire equipment if you need it.


Refrigerated Containers

Our refrigerated solutions include mobile cold storage containers which are available to rent or purchase in both grade A and other specifications according to your requirements. Food grade cold storage is also on offer with no planning permission required.


Temperature Controlled Containers

We provide temperature controlled containers for specific industries such as the pharmaceutical and meat industries. Integrated with remote temperature monitoring equipment, it is possible to ensure that all freight is being transported or held at the right temperature.


Blast Freezers

We also provide other forms of cold storage including portable blast freezers for commercial refrigeration. Our blast freezers come in a variety of sizes and powers and can be customised to suit your needs. Our freezers are available to rent, lease or purchase and we can tailor solutions to match your budget.


Extra Wide Cold Storage

CRS Cold Storage also provide extra wide cold storage containers in our Mega Cold Storage range, as well as maximum capacity cold storage with our Super Mega Cold Storage solution. Extra wide storage is an ideal choice if you are looking to optimise ease of product storage and faster stock turnaround.