Why CRS? Our Service Promise

Not only do we supply Grade A products, but we also pride ourselves on giving you Grade A customer service which is what makes CRS stand out from our competitors.

No hidden charges

CRS Cold Stores are easy for you to hire and easy to return when finished. We include all service, commissioning and decommissioning charges in our weekly hire fees so you can easily calculate your exact yearly costs.

Easy to deal with and no hassle

Pay for transport and offloading plus your weekly hire fee and that's it! We have never charged for damaged equipment returned to us- ask any of our current or past clients.

No hidden T&C's

We don't automatically roll you over into new contract periods if the exact required notice period is not given. If your contract has expired just call us and we will collect the equipment straight away.

No charges for scrapes and scratches

We know that your unit will naturally accrue wear and tear on hire so don't worry about having huge damage charges when you try to return your cold stores.

No funny business

We have standard hire terms and conditions - dealing with CRS won't leave a bad taste in your mouth. Most of our growth as a hire company has come from repeat business with existing happy customers - Our reputation and integrity in the industry are everything.

We genuinely want long-term business and hold strong customer service values unrivalled by our competitors. See what our customers are saying about us. Give us a call today on 0800 085 2298 and order your cold store today.