Warehouse Cold Storage

Warehouse Cold Storage

Cold storage units at your warehouse

Having cold storage containers within your warehouse can have numerous benefits. If you have extra space, cold storage units can help you reduce transportation times, stock handling requirements and costs.

At CRS we offer bespoke cold storage solutions that suit your business. Find out how our highly efficient cold storage units can help you make the most out of your warehouse space. 

At CRS we take care of the whole process:


1. Unloading Cold Store

Adding Skates

2. Lifting the Cold Store


3. Adding the skates


4. Careful Manoeuvring


5. Positioning


6. Commissioned

Assessment -
We visit you and assess the cold storage requirement. After taking the neccesary measuraments and identifying any potential issues with the warehouse access, we'll provide adivise you on a solution that meets your goals and sits well with your available space.

Delivery & Unloading -
We will deliver and unload the cold storage units at your warehouse. Our team will also be in charge of placing the containers in the right spot using the appropiate machinery.

Installation -
On the delivery day, our engineers will be on site to install and ensure appropiate functioning of the units is in order. 

Maintenance -
Once the delivering and installation has taken place, our team of expert engineers will be on hand 24/7 in case any unusual issues on performance are spotted. Our committed service will help you prevent any damage to your temperature sensitive goods. 

Speak to one of our cold storage experts today and find out how our bespoke cold storage solutions can help you. Give us a call on 0800 111 2298.