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Bespoke Builds  

Project Management

The difference between a specialist project being on budget and on time or otherwise often hinges on the quality of your project management team or providers.

If you are looking to incorporate expand your temperature controlled storage capacity or are looking to include blast chilling/freezing in your production process, you may find that a specialist project manager would be best suited to take the lead.

It is important to take a broad spectrum of considerations into account before dealing with the individual specifics of your project that your CRS project manager will work with you on. These considerations will be used to determine which solutions are appropriate for the results you require and investigate the alternative solutions which may be more effective. Here at CRS, we understand that each project is unique and whilst some may benefit from the cost reductions of an off the shelf solution, for others it isn't appropriate.

Your CRS project manager will coordinate any additional services to ensure that the overall project can be completed with a single contact as opposed to many.


Bespoke Builds  

Your initial consultation with one of our project managers will be to determine:

  • The purpose and the aim of the project
  • What resources are available
  • What resources are required
  • What are the potential cost implications
  • What is the potential disruption could be caused by the project
  • The tasks needed to complete the project from concept to completion.


These factors will inform and guide the four key steps involved in a CRS managed project.

  • Investigation
  • Planning and design
  • Production
  • Monitoring & Evaluation


Our project managers work alongside our experts in blast freezing, product design and our fabrication and refrigeration specialists to ensure that each phase is managed effectively and efficiently.


In order to determine the correct brief and project is commissioned, we will work along side you to investigate what your needs, aims and aspirations are for the project.

This will include consideration of:

  • The different options
  • Whether a custom built unit is required
  • What are the rental options
  • Is there any purchase options that would suit

Planning and design

After the initial investigation and the solution has been selected, your project manager will handle the planning and designing of the project. If you require drawings, noise level readings or power ratings, these can be provided at this stage. The timescale for production will be outlined and the critical path will be considered to ensure that your project is finished on time and with minimal disruption.


Our in house production team will work to the required deadline as agreed with your team and your CRS project manager. Your project manager will deal with the production team and refrigeration teams on a day-to-day basis to ensure that any updates or potential complications. They will allocate the resources to provide the highest efficacy and manage any deviation from the forecasted timescales whilst ensuring there is no budget blow out.

Evaluation and Monitoring

Once the project is completed, your CRS project manager will work through the evaluation of the project focusing upon specific metrics. These will include the quality of the project and to what extent the initial goals have been met, whether the project was delivered on time and to budget.



We can provide project management options on a broad range of projects. If you need assistance determining which cold storage solution is right for you, contact our project managers today or ring us on 0800 085 2298 or fill out an online enquiry form.