Retail Industry Cold Storage

retail industry cold storage

Here at CRS, we offer a wide range of refrigeration units and services for the retail industry. Our products are designed to keep products in retail that are temperature sensitive are kept as fresh as they can be to ensure they are consumable and saleable.
Our leading cold storage is available in new and refurbished conditions for rent, lease or purchase with unbeatable prices for hire periods of six months and up. Each of our containers can be bespoke and customised to meet your individual needs and the challenges your logistics face.
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Retail refrigeration cold Storage

Retail Industry Cold Storage

Incorporating retail cold storage into your company extends the shelf life of your perishable products to their maximum potential as well as increasing their quality and freshness, minimising waste and therefore increasing profit margins. The wide-ranging sizes of our storage units allow for a flexible and unique approach to the way you manage your products.

With smaller solutions offering unparalleled flexibility, you are able to store specific products in their own individual space. Our larger options, however, provide our clients with a cost-effective stock management infrastructure where all products can be stored collectively. Regardless of the approach taken, all of our temperature-controlled storage units are available to lease, buy or rent depending on your individual demands.

Our commercial refrigeration equipment has a range of features that are specific to the cold storage needs of companies, within the retail sector. At CRS, we know that each company differs in their approach to managing products, as such, we ensure our products are fully customisable to meet these demands. 

The temperatures of the cold stores are fully adjustable ranging from 35°C to -35°C depending on the products being stored. In doing so, our clients can be flexible with their offering adjusting the temperature to meet the climates different products require.

CRS offer a variety of storage options compatible with our cold storage solutions. Shelving installation is available for our larger products in order to meet unique specifications. This ensures that all space within the unit is being utilised for maximum product storage.

Walk-in Cold Stores

We offer large walk-in cold stores that are all food grade approved and ideal for the storage of large quantities of temperature-sensitive food products including fruit, veg, cakes and dairy. Whilst this keeps products adherent to the correct temperature, it also opens up a significant amount of space within warehouses creating a more efficient and space-conscious logistics process.

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Monitoring Equipment

As part of our offering, we can also supply clients with monitoring equipment, such as temperature monitoring solutions. These allow clients to not be reliant on outside companies or software by giving them the capability themselves to ensure temperatures are correct for the stored products.

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