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Uniblock AS-R are monoblock units, trough wall mounting type. The main characteristic is the casing and the refrigerating system suitable for outside use without any particular protection against atmospheric agents.
The refrigerating unit is equipped with hermetic compressors, complete with crankcase heater, double solenoid valve and system to control the condensing pressure (pressure switch for condenser fans for models 121-123-221-135, or electronic speed regulator for models 235-335-340).
Defrost is trough hot gas injection, expansion through capillary tube. The refrigerant used is R404A.
The casing is especially built to protect at the maximum level, the internal refrigerating system; the air inlet of the condenser cames from the lower part of the unit while the air outlet is from the front part.
The unit is controlled by an electronic card, which controls all functions and it is protected by a lockable door. To simplify the electrical connections, the unit is fitted with external socket-plug.