Food Cold Storage

Food Production Cold Storage

CRS offers a range of refrigeration products and services to companies based within the food service industry. Our range of temperature controlled storage is the ideal solution to keep your food products safely and hygienically stored so they are provided in optimum condition to your consumers.

New and refurbished food cold storage is available to rent, lease or buy with unbeatable pricing for hire periods of six months and up. Call 0800 085 2298 for a free, no obligation quote.

Commercial Food Cold Storage

New and refurbished equipment is available to rent, lease or buy with unbeatable pricing for hire periods of six months and up: call 0800 085 2298 for a free, no obligation quote.

Food Production Storage

Commercial Food Refrigeration from CRS

Whether you are a distributor, a provider, a storage supplier or an organisation that delves into all three of these fields, we can provide a cold storage solution for you. We will also assist you in any way possible through supplying you with our expert opinion on which of our specifically constructed commercial refrigeration units would be most beneficial to you and your company.

Our selection of commercial freezers and chiller containers can be provided to you in a range of different and specialised capacities. The variety found within our products and the different tasks they can accomplish make them ideal for companies within the food service industry.

All the refrigeration equipment that we offer to your industry is available to rent, lease or buy. This allows you to assess the best way in which construct your payment plan, so it is tailored to the financial needs and commitments of your company. These options are particularly useful to companies looking for a limited-time, cost-effective solution to their cold storage needs.

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Commercial Blast Freezers

Our commercial blast freezers can allow you to rapidly cool the huge amounts of produce that food service industry companies often find present within their warehousing divisions.

You don’t only have the capability with our industrial cold storage systems to freeze your own products, but they also offer an opportunity to rent excess space out to smaller, locally based companies which require a cold storage solution but don't have the financial scope to be able to invest on their own.

Food Production Storage

Need a smaller unit?

The options provided to smaller private, locally based companies that would like to invest in our cold storage units but want to keep the costs as low as possible include our Mini Mobile Cold Stores. These allow you to keep your products at the correct temperature while having control over your stock and being less dependent on bulk storage suppliers.

Our mini mobile units are also extremely useful for transport options between the producing, storage, and distribution sectors of the food services industry.

We also offer a suite of supply chain monitoring solutions including temperature monitoring technology that can include tracking, recoding and reporting capabilities as required by your company. Our range of monitoring solutions allows your company to manage its operational resources so you can monitor your transport fleet and in-house cold storage facility with ease.

For more information about our food cold storage, give our cold storage experts a call today on 0800 085 2298 to see how we can help.