Cold Storage Delays

With cold storage helping assist in the growth of companies, businesses should be aware of the high delays in the deliverance of brand-new cold storage units. The combination of Brexit and Covid-19 has led to further delays of around 10 weeks for new storage units whilst CRS’ units to rent are readily available.

As the latest predictions are forecasting large delays due to the Christmas period on top of already strained supply chains, we’re seeing an influx of businesses looking to increase their storage capacity to meet the growing demand from customers.

As we already saw last year, many businesses were underprepared to meet customer demand and consequently lost brand loyalty from their customers who favoured finding companies who could provide the products and services they’re after.

However, with months of both large and small businesses reporting stock shortages, Britain is undeniably facing a significant supply chain crisis with stock issues affecting numerous industries, including fish, meat, retail and other food sectors.

The Solution?  

The viable solution for this crisis would be to secure high-quality cold storage refrigeration units that can protect the freshness of products whilst increasing their longevity and viability for future use.

Not only does the solution protect the products, but installing cold storage into your logistics process has numerous benefits far outweighing the costs, including:

  • Extending the storage capacity
  • Optional custom features for the needs of the business
  • Cost-effective
  • A range of sizes depending on storage needs

Current delays

Cold storage companies face significant delays in getting newly built storage containers from their manufacturers like the varied industries. Some companies report delays of over 10 weeks to the usual delivery time.

These delays are heavily contributing to the strain of companies’ logistics processes; with delays in receiving additional storage to meet increased demand, businesses cannot successfully store increased product volume, failing to meet their customer needs.

Cold Storage Rentals

CRS’ rentals are available for easy hire and are readily available for extending storage capacity to mitigate these delays and sufficiently meet customer demand.

With flexible hiring options, renting a cold storage unit is often more cost-efficient than purchasing with our long-term hires working out to a more lucrative cost/day than short-term offers.

Get in touch today to discuss our hire options with our experienced teams offering dynamic solutions that meet the direct needs of your business operations. 

Monday 8th November 2021

Published by: CRS Cold Storage

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