CRS Solutions Supporting Dairy Operations

The dairy industry requires efficient and flexible cold storage solutions which play a critical role in meeting the demands of seasonal fluctuations, increased product sales, and unforeseen capacity challenges.

Two prominent case studies, involving Arrabawn Dairies and Glanbia, feature how CRS Mobile Cold Storage has emerged as a game-changer for the dairy sector. By providing bespoke, innovative solutions, CRS has empowered these companies to overcome storage constraints, enhance operational agility, and ensure the quality and safety of dairy products.

Case Studies

Arrabawn Dairies: A Swift and Customisable Solution

Arrabawn Dairies faced a critical challenge when their internal chilled cold store reached overcapacity with milk and cream products. The urgency to address this issue required a rapid, temporary storage solution, eliminating the setback of waiting for planning permission for a permanently built structure.

CRS responded promptly by supplying two double Mega 45 chilled units, seamlessly connected to Arrabawn's existing cold store. These mega cold stores were custom-built with precision, incorporating steel tracks on the floor to organise trolleys systematically. The result was not only increased storage capacity but also optimised loading and unloading processes, alleviating congestion in the facility.

Glanbia: Meeting Rigorous Requirements with Precision

Glanbia Fonthill, faced with seasonal demands and increased doorstep product sales, sought our expertise to design, project-manage, build, install, and maintain a chilled portable cold store complex on site. Glanbia had specific criteria, including a seamless transition from the factory floor, non-slip resin-type flooring, and temperature-controlled storage suitable for heavy trollies.

We rose to the challenge by designing and manufacturing a cold storage unit that seamlessly integrated with Glanbia's operations. The flooring, sourced to their exact specifications, not only provided a non-slip surface for heavy dairy trollies but also met hygiene standards with washable features and suitable drainage points for potential spillages. The quick connection to the existing loading bay, without any slopes or bumps, ensured the smooth movement of heavy dairy trollies, avoiding operational holdups.

Meeting Glanbia's tight schedule and high seasonal demands required strategic planning and competitive pricing. CRS proposed solutions aligned with Glanbia's brief, maximising storage potential and providing cost-effective options. The inclusion of multiple low-noise Carrier Transicold cooling units showcased CRS's commitment to energy efficiency, ensuring reliable operation regardless of external temperatures.

How can we help you?

The success stories of Arrabawn Dairies and Glanbia exemplify the transformative impact of CRS Mobile Cold Storage on the dairy industry. Our customisable and efficient solutions not only address immediate storage challenges but also contribute to enhanced operational efficiency, flexibility, and compliance with rigorous industry standards.

As the dairy sector continues to evolve, The CRS Group stands at the forefront, offering innovative cold storage solutions that empower businesses to thrive in a dynamic and demanding market.

Are you looking into expanding your dairy storage and improving your operations? We would love to help you, get in touch with our team!

Friday 12th January 2024

Published by: CRS Cold Storage

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