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Download Brochure ButtonDon't let any of your product go to waste, with the help of a CRS blast freezer any excess stock can be frozen within 24 hours to preserve freshness. Keep your products at their finest with a chilled meat rail system to provide the space and infrastructure for your meat processing needs.

All our container cold stores are delivered and commissioned on site by crane which allows them to be easily loaded and unloaded with no damage to the products contained inside; essential to the fishing industry with its constant movement of product along the fishing line.

We also offer a suite of supply chain monitoring solutions including remote temperature monitoring technology that can include tracking, recording and reporting capabilities as required by your company. Our range of monitoring solutions allows your company to manage its operational resources so you can monitor your transport fleet and in-house cold storage facility with ease.

Give our cold storage experts a call today on 0800 085 2298 to see how we can help with your meat cold storage.