UK and Ireland Fish Industry Trends: From Catch to Customer with CRS Mobile Cold Storage

CRS's innovative approaches include advancements in mobile cold storage technology, blast freezing techniques, and strategic responses to industry trends and regulatory changes.

By delving into the critical role of CRS in maintaining the freshness, quality, and safety of fish products, we unveil how we are not just adapting to industry challenges but also setting new standards in seafood preservation.

Industry Trends

Ireland’s Minister for Agriculture, Food and the Marine, Charlie McConalogue, attended the EU Agriculture and Fisheries Council in Brussels on November 20, 2023, where he highlighted Ireland’s priorities for the ongoing negotiations between the EU, UK, and Norway on shared fish stocks in the Atlantic and North Sea. The negotiations are still ongoing, and definitive figures for most of the stocks of relevance to the Irish fleet are not yet available. However, the Minister emphasized the importance of securing a timely, fair, and balanced conclusion to these negotiations, which is key to providing stability for Irish fishers and ensuring the sustainable management of shared stocks.

The EU and the UK reached an agreement on fishing opportunities for 2024 for more than 85 total allowable catches (TACs) in the Northeast Atlantic. The agreement is worth around €1 billion to EU fishers. The stocks for which the EU and the UK agreed to decrease the TACs for 2024, compared to 2023, include haddock in the Irish Sea (-14.5%), haddock in the Celtic Sea (-30.6%), whiting in the Celtic Sea (-50%), and place by-catches in the English Channel (-42%).

Our Experience and Expertise

The efficacy of CRS Cold Storage solutions is evident in numerous success stories across the fish industry. Clients have consistently reported maintaining superior product quality and extended shelf life, underscoring the effectiveness of CRS’s cold storage solutions in real-world scenarios.

CRS can play a crucial role in supporting the UK and Irish fishing industry as it navigates the changes and challenges presented by the recent negotiations and the agreed fishing quotas for 2024. Here are several ways we can assist:

  • Adapting to Fluctuating Supply Volumes: With changes in Total Allowable Catches (TACs) for key species like haddock and whiting, the Irish fishing industry may experience fluctuations in supply volumes. CRS's mobile cold storage solutions can provide flexible and scalable storage options to accommodate these varying quantities of fish, ensuring optimal freshness and quality.
  • Supporting Sustainable Practices: The focus on sustainable management of shared stocks aligns with CRS's commitment to environmental responsibility. Our energy-efficient cold storage units can help reduce the carbon footprint of fish storage, supporting the industry’s move towards more sustainable practices.
  • Ensuring Product Quality During Transport: With potentially longer transport times due to the new fishing areas and regulations, maintaining the quality of fish during transit is crucial. CRS's innovative refrigerated containers can ensure that fish remains at the ideal temperature throughout the transportation process, preserving its quality and extending shelf life.
  • Aiding in Market Fluctuations: The new agreements and regulations may lead to market fluctuations. CRS's flexible cold storage solutions allow fishers and distributors to effectively manage their stock levels, reducing waste and adapting quickly to market demands.
  • Emergency and Additional Storage Needs: In case of unexpected increases in catch or equipment failures, CRS can provide immediate additional storage capacity. This flexibility is crucial for maintaining business continuity and capitalizing on unforeseen opportunities.

The Necessity of Cold Chain in the Fish Industry

The cold chain's integrity is vital from the moment of catch. Fish, being highly perishable, requires consistent and reliable temperature management to prevent spoilage and maintain quality. CRS Cold Storage provides specialized fish cold storage solutions that cater to these unique needs. These units ensure that the temperature-sensitive fish products are kept at optimal conditions throughout their journey, thereby extending shelf life and ensuring consumer safety.

Advancements in Mobile Cold Storage

Adapting to the dynamic demands of the fish industry means embracing technological advancements in cold storage. CRS Mobile Cold Storage units are at the forefront of this innovation. Our versatile units offer flexibility and scalability, crucial for handling seasonal variations and market demands. Mega Cold Stores exemplify this development, offering ample space and advanced cooling technology, ensuring that large quantities of fish are stored under ideal conditions.

Blast Freezing: Preserving Freshness and Quality

Blast freezing is a game-changer in preserving the freshness of fish. This rapid freezing method locks in the quality, taste, and nutritional value of seafood. CRS Cold Storage blast freezers are designed to quickly bring down the temperature of fish products, an essential process for maintaining quality during transportation and storage.


By addressing the dynamic demands of the market, we have shown that we can adapt to fluctuating supply volumes, support sustainable practices, ensure product quality during transportation, aid in market fluctuations, and provide emergency storage solutions. The combination of technological advancements, commitment to sustainability, and responsiveness to industry trends positions CRS as an essential force in the cold chain of the fish industry. As the industry faces new challenges and opportunities, our expertise and experience stand as a testament to our dedication to excellence and significant role in ensuring the longevity and success of the fish industry.

For businesses looking to elevate their cold chain logistics, exploring CRS's offerings is a step towards quality and efficiency. Get in touch!

Friday 19th January 2024

Published by: CRS Cold Storage

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