Leading Logistics Company

Location: EU
Product: 10ft Blast Freezer
Industry: Retail Logistics

A leading logistics company commissioned CRS to provide a solution for storing eutectic plates to transport temperature-sensitive food products through air-side security at an International Airport. The company required a fast freezing solution off-site that provides effective freezing for numerous eutectic plates.

The plates were used to deliver the goods to the airport retailers. All deliveries to the airport need to be X-Rayed to ensure they are legitimate; at present, this is achieved when employing cages.

Eutectic Plates

When large deliveries of temperature-sensitive goods arrive at the airport, they are distributed into trolleys. Freezer Plates provide effective insulation for the goods as they are transported from cold storage to X-rays and onto the retailers. Securing the cold chain will allow retailers to receive goods of the highest quality and enable the airport staff to carry out security measures without the pressure of rapid deterioration of the products.

The logistics company discovered their current solution for storing the freezer plates was inefficient and no longer cost-effective. CRS assessed the site and the company’s requirements and proposed they install two bespoke 10ft Blast Freezers in place of the existing solution.

Our recommendation increased storage capacity, reduced freezing time, and improved running costs. CRS 10ft Blast Freezers were customised with two refrigeration units, providing accelerated cooling.

Freezer Plate Preconditioning

The impact of our recommendation was enormous; the logistics company found that the new solution provided better cost and efficiency savings and made loading and unloading the plates much more manageable.

Blast Freezer

Blast Freezers

CRS Blast Freezer range offers an unbelievably fast-freezing solution perfect for various industries. These cold storage units feature a white painted steel exterior with a single large leaf easy open door with a self-defrosting seal, which you can operate with one hand. 

The non-slip Aluminium Flooring provides a fantastic base for cages to be quickly loaded and unloaded, which helps increase operational staff's safety. Internally they feature an easy clean, stainless steel lining and are lit with Internal fluorescent lighting (Min 300 Lux).

The range of safety features includes non-slip flooring, emergency lighting, visual and audio mantrap alarms and an internal door release.

Bespoke Cold Storage

Bespoke Cold Storage

Here at CRS, we provide temperature control solutions in various sizes suitable to businesses looking to maintain their products at the highest quality. Our range of Blast Freezers and Blast Chillers are highly flexible units and feature many customisation options to ensure peak performance for specific requirements. 

Looking to invest in bespoke cold storage solutions? Ensure maximum product quality with bespoke CRS cold storage. Contact our CRS specialists to discuss how we can provide a bespoke solution to your business requirements. 

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