Chilled Storage Chambers for Irish Hospital

CRS recently designed, built and installed a Cold Storage Solution for a leading Irish Hospital. The hospital had contacted CRS with the urgent need for a chilled storage solution to protect the integrity of their inventory of medicines and vaccinations.

The hospital also required the cold storage solution to offer a safe working environment for medical staff who would be working within the unit.

CRS visited the Hospital to insect and survey the site, they also met with hospital officials to determine the full requirements of the solution and to highlight any operational features they may have overlooked.

CRS designed a tailored solution for the hospital comprising of four 40ft Cold Stores, which would offer a controlled temperature range of 0ºC – 8ºC and ample working space for the hospital staff.

To meet the hospitals requirements our Grade A+ units were selected for the installation. Grade A+ are our top of the range units offering impressive features such as temperature-controlled alarms, mantrap alarms, entry and exit alarms and remote temperature monitoring & reporting. The units also offer a high level of interior trim and improved access which make them a highly suitable environment for staff working inside the unit.

Chilled Pharmaceutical Storage

Security was also a concern for the hospital, they needed to ensure that their high-value inventory would be secure. CRS installed improved security measures to the doors, that allowed ease of access for the medical staff but provided a high-level of security when the units were un-manned.

Installing Air Conditioning units to the containers allowed CRS to configure the cold storage solution to maintain the chilled temperature range required. When storing pharmaceutical goods, it’s imperative to get the condition right. The correct environment will ensure the safe storage, stability and ultimately the efficacy of the temperature sensitive products.

The Grade A+ features provide the staff at the hospital with real-time analysis of the temperature within the chambers and the alarms systems are set to alert staff of any dangerous fluctuations in temperature.

The hospital already had a site prepared for the installation and commissioning of the units. However, they were impressed with the speed and efficiency that CRS were able to manufacture and install the solution including all the features they required. Working within their budget and tight time constraints given for the project.

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