+29°C Culture Media Store

A Pharmaceutical company in Europe approached CRS mobile cold storage as they required a +29°C Culture Media Store.

They were benefiting from rapid growth and were in the need of storage for process stimulation.

The leading company was supplied with a new 16 pallet portable incubator. This pallet included an anti-chamber pre-conditioning room. CRS was able to install this in a short timeframe and quickly and efficiently for the Pharmaceutical company.

Before delivering the culture media storage, CRS validated the incubator was temperature mapped 72 hours prior to reaching the pharmaceutical company. This was so the CRS team could carry out prior checks.

Due to the nature of products stored by the Pharmaceutical company, it was important that the CRS team could prove the close control capability of plus or -1°C from set point could be achieved, as the graph below demonstrates.

The CRS team provided sample mapping data for the Culture Media store unit to the QC. The QC placed an order straight away.

Due to the stability, the unit provides it has been a great addition to the company with sensitive product storage. The unit continues to positively impact the company’s growth and has been with the customer for over 12 months.

Culture Media Store

Graph showing the temperature of the container over a specific period. Showing that the temperature never went above or below the threshold the client required.

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