Approval Testing Standards for Dräger

Dräger Safety UK exceeds approval testing standards with the help of CRS Pharma Solutions



Project Location: Northumberland, England

Services Used: Portable Blast Freezer



Dräger Safety UK needed to obtain refrigerated containers for breathing apparatus testing within a very short timeframe.

They engaged CRS Pharma Solutions to install a portable blast freezer at their premises in Northumberland.

The blast freezer was delivered and installed in under a week, and was ready for immediate testing.


Project Brief

Dräger is an international organisation at the forefront of medical and safety technology with a presence in 190 countries and 13,500 employees globally. Dräger’s safety division produces complete hazard management solutions, focusing on personal safety and production facility protection. The Dräger Safety UK facility in Northumberland specialises in the development and manufacture of breathing apparatus and fire and gas detection products.


Dräger Safety UK needed large refrigerated containers in which to test self contained breathing apparatus for firefighting using human test subjects. International standards require this equipment is tested for continuous operation at a temperature of -32 degrees celsius.
Dräger wished to carry out these tests on their own premises, but the need to use human test subjects meant that it was not possible to use their standard, smaller refrigerated containers. These containers are designed to hold breathing machines for testing. As a solution, Dräger engaged CRS Pharma Solutions to supply a portable cold store which was a suitable size for human test subjects.



The primary challenge for Dräger was the need to have the product delivered and installed on-site within a short timeframe in order to start immediate testing.


Additionally, at these low temperatures, the range of products which both suited the space requirements and fulfilled the temperature demands was limited.



In order to meet the client’s specification for the project, CRS Pharma Solutions installed a portable blast freezer on Dräger’s premises.


CRS Pharma Solutions’ in-house engineering and transport capabilities meant that the portable cold store arrived on-site in under a week, in advance of the given deadline. The efficiency of this response alleviated time pressures for Dräger as they were able to begin testing ahead of schedule.


Once delivered, the blast freezer was able to cool down to the required temperature within 30 minutes, allowing testing to commence immediately.


The size of the portable blast freezer enabled the client to test self contained breathing apparatus using multiple test subjects at one time, fulfilling the requirements of international health and safety approval agencies. Furthermore, as a result of the ability of the cold store to reach -40 degrees celsius, Dräger were able to exceed approval standards by testing the equipment at a lower temperature, ensuring robustness and allowing further improvements to be made to the product.



The portable blast freezer has been on-site and in operation at Dräger Safety UK since June 2014.


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