Meat Cold Stores for Fine Meats, Luton

Meat Cold Stores

Fine Meats is a family run business, serving catering outlets within a 30-mile radius of Luton offering competitive pricing on an extensive product range and an unrivalled level of service.

Their customer base is spread across the whole spectrum of the catering trade we they supply pubs, sandwich bars, restaurants, hotels, golf clubs, nursing home, schools, etc.


Meat Cold Storage


Ricky, Fine Meat’s General Manager, explained that the issue they were facing was that they were simply running out of space as their business was expanding. They have two premises and already had a 20ft Cold Storage solution from CRS so knew how easy it was to get more installed.

Ricky went on to explain how he liked dealing with CRS Cold Storage because of the 'ease of communication'.

“We are extremely busy so needed the process to be as hassle free as possible. Lead time was another aspect I didn’t have to worry about. The CRS Cold Storage team delivered when they said they would with no stress.”

The solution we built for Fine Meats optimized the space that was available. Now, the production cold storage area is fully accessible and showcases both what a medium size premises and a CRS Solution can provide an SME.


Meat Cold Storage


When asked was there any issues, Ricky explained

“The only issue was the lack of space here in our production centre and that getting the solutions fitted was a little tricky but worked out perfectly in the end. I would and have recommended CRS Cold Storage to colleagues in my industry and even had them come view the setup. Thank you, CRS."

If you have any cold storage needs, call CRS Cold Storage on 0800 085 2298


Meat Cold Storage


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