Gerry Butler Food Products

Gerry Butler Food Products Ltd. is an Irish owned food manufacturer specialising in preparing freshly packaged foods such as deserts which it then supplies to some of the country’s largest retailers.

Comapny Background

Gerry Butler Food Product Ltd supplies these products to some of the country’s largest retailers. The company have had a great relationship with CRS over the last number of years, as they would hire a CRS 20foot Blast Freezer every year, in the run up to the Christmas period.


Gerry Butler Food Products


Project Overview

Recently, to keep up with demand, Gerry Butler Foods required a more long-term solution. Currently, the company had a cold room were food was prepared but they needed more space throughout- allowing 10 more pallets to be stored.

When they contact CRS, they wanted to extend onto their current (not CRS) cold store room. This bespoke build was scoped out and CRS came up with an innovative and cost effective solution.


Gerry Butler Food Products


The CRS Solution

The company currently had a disconnect from their production area and storage area. CRS installed a bespoke single 26 foot cold store box, parallel to the building along with a sliding door between the two and a tunnel connecting to the production area. There is no planning permission to install such bespoke cold store solutions. They can be added at ease and be fitted with alarms – adding real estate to your building.


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