Temperature testing facility for Hewlett-Packard

CRS Ireland recently worked alongside Hewlett Packard to modify storage chambers for product testing.

The multi-national IT Company needed an expansion of their current testing areas at their R&D department in Co. Kildare, Ireland.

The modified storage chambers were to be used as temperature controlled areas, where products could undergo stress and environmental testing. The team at Hewlett Packard needed stability chambers where temperatures and humidity could be modified every two hours.

Controllable temperatures are an important part of their testing in order to determine how well products such as printers, inks and production materials can handle varying levels of heat and humidity.

During their search for the right temperature controlled solution, they had to take costs and practicality into account, as this was a big issue for them. Their current supplier had previously provided them with over 60 different ovens for previous testing but when Hewlett Packard went to them with their new venture, these suppliers were unable to help. This was down to two things: firstly the equipment needed to be purchased outright which would have been too costly and secondly, the lead times were simply too long. After some time searching online, Hewlett Packard came across CRS Ireland who was able to provide them with the temporary climate controlled chambers they needed at short notice.


storage chambers for product testing


CRS Cold Storage Ireland was happy to be able to deliver what Hewlett Packard were looking for on this occasion but when the CRS team found out they needed further help, they were able to take on that challenge too. When needing a more elaborate project undertaken, Hewlett Packard did not hesitate to call on CRS again and began talks to design two 40ft temperature and humidity units for the company.

When Mark Murphy from Operations and Planning at Hewlett Packard was asked about working with CRS Ireland, this is what he had to say:

“First of all, they are local and at a drop of a hat we were able to make contact. We would be in contact on a weekly and sometimes daily basis. I found them very helpful; absolutely nothing was too much for them. They gave me confidence that they could deliver on the job, which helped when selling to management here at HP. I brought them into meet senior management ahead of our decision and they were able to answer any questions we had.”


stability chambers


Mark went on to discuss what was so impressive about the project and equipment saying

“it was great to be able to remotely login to the solutions. Getting live updates on temperature and humidity was reassuring and the online platform which allowed me to do this was great. I also liked the fact I got a live report of the previous 24 hours delivered to me each morning via email detailing the temperature and humidity for the previous day.”

One challenge the GRS group faced on this project was an issue with temperatures fluctuating more quickly than the company wanted. This technical problem was quickly addressed by the team at CRS and by working with Hewlett Packed the team, they were able to rectify it and meet the technical specifications required.

As is the case with many businesses, the cost of the project was a large factor for Mark and Hewlett Packard, and was another reason they chose the CRS group to take on this task. At CRS, businesses can spread the cost of purchased and rented storage over many months, this was something that appealed to Mark, who had a restricted budget for this project.


temperature controlled


Speaking about the CRS group’s cost-effective payment plans, Mark said:

“Being able to spread the cost of these solutions was what got this project over the line. From doing research with other companies, the solutions would have cost in access of 250k where with CRS Cold Storage, renting the products helped with being able to spread the cost over a number of year budgets."

Do you have a project that requires temperature controlled storage? If so, CRS Cold Storage can help you create a bespoke solution that fits the size and needs of your business and your budget.

Published by: CRS Cold Storage

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