Seafood Company: A Cold Storage Success Story

Shellfish Ireland approached CRS seeking a comprehensive solution for their cold storage needs. Upon conducting a site visit, our team at CRS was able to assess their existing facilities.

The Challenge

The current on-site storage options were inadequate, forcing Shellfish Ireland to rely on large rented and shared warehouses and cold storage spaces in Cork, Kildare, and Galway. This arrangement proved challenging to manage and incurred significant expenses in terms of transportation and overall operational costs. Moreover, finding suitable rented cold storage presented an ongoing difficulty.

Shellfish Ireland required 200 frozen pallet spaces, initially considering a single 10-in-1 combined cold store solution called a Mega Cold Store. However, CRS recommended two 5-in-1 combined cold stores as a more viable option, allowing for efficient utilisation of storage capacity during periods of low stock levels.

The Solution

CRS emerged as the most cost-effective option among the alternatives. Subsequently, Shellfish Ireland expressed complete satisfaction with our services and expressed no desire to switch cold storage providers in the future.

To enhance energy efficiency, we installed Thermo King Magnum cooling units, renowned for their superior performance. Additionally, we incorporated safety features such as anti-slip flooring, emergency lighting and man trap alarms all with battery backup and internally opening doors with trace heating around the frames to ensure they never ice up.

Our team's deep knowledge and experience in the industry allowed us to identify the challenges the customer was facing with their rented storage spaces and the limitations of their on-site storage options. We recognised the inefficiencies, high costs, and management difficulties associated with the existing setup, prompting us to provide a comprehensive solution.

Shellfish Ireland holds a prominent position in the Irish crab industry, commanding an 85% market share in crab production, alongside notable contributions from shrimp, lobsters, and prawns. They have established partnerships with five major retailers, as well as serving hotels and food service establishments throughout the country. Collaborating closely with a significant number of local fishermen, Shellfish Ireland exports 65% of their products to Spain, Portugal, and France. As the largest employer in the region, employing over 150 individuals, their operations have a substantial positive impact on the local community of Castletownbere in West Cork.

Our product offering aligns seamlessly with Shellfish Ireland's requirements due to its portability and robust design, specifically tailored to withstand marine weather conditions and harsh environments. Moreover, our equipment operates efficiently even in areas with unreliable power supplies/voltage, as it can function with the assistance of a generator. Overcoming the challenges associated with construction and material transportation on the island, our solution proves to be an ideal fit for Shellfish Ireland's unique circumstances.

We are extremely pleased with the exceptional services provided by CRS for our cold storage needs. As the leading shellfish company in Ireland, it was crucial for us to find a reliable and cost-effective solution to enhance our operations. CRS conducted a thorough assessment of our existing facilities and proposed a tailored approach that perfectly addressed our requirements and assisted us through the state grant application process. The installation process was very quick and their team's professionalism and dedication to our satisfaction were evident at every stage of the project.

Carol Harrington - CEO - Shellfish Ireland

We extend our gratitude to Shellfish Ireland for entrusting us with their requirements. As a provider of bespoke cold storage solutions, we are committed to delivering excellence and supporting businesses in achieving their targets.

Our sales team is dedicated to understanding your specific needs and delivering customised cold storage solutions that align with your operational goals. Get in touch!

Published by: CRS Cold Storage

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