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The company were originally searching for a pharmaceutical product that could be used at an elevated temperature. This was important to the team working at Sigma-Aldrich, as their product was incredibly sensitive, turning into a solid wax state if temperatures dropped below 16 degrees. The highly sensitive nature of the product meant that if its temperature fluctuated even slightly it would no longer be fit for use, leading to a huge loss in revenue for the company.




Eugene Mulholland, the Engineering and Process Technology Manager, eventually came across CRS Pharma online after much time researching and decided that the CRS group was the one to take on this unique challenge. Speaking of the sales process, Eugene said:

The professionalism and level of knowledge displayed even at the enquiry stage of the process gave us confidence in our selection of company”.

Work got underway after a productive meeting with Sigma-Aldrich and the CRS group soon provided them with a bespoke solution in line with the specifications and brief. The new solution needed to be delivered and housed on-site at the Sigma-Aldrich premises; this was not a problem for the CRS team.

When Eugene was asked whether any problems arose during the build, this is what he had to say:

“No, not at all. Due to the planning done prior to install and the meetings with the CRS team, everything went to plan and no issues arose”.


Controlled Temperature Pharmaceutical Storage


On the general performance of the CRS group during this project he said:

“I found the CRS Group to be very professional. They had an excellent validation pack which is imperative to have in the pharmaceutical industry. They delivered what they said they would, and more importantly when they said they would. I have had experience whereby we have been let down with regards due dates. The CRS Group clearly outlined the lead-time on our build and delivered within those set parameters. This was a big plus for me.”

“We here at Sigma-Aldrich are delighted with the solution that The CRS Group have provided us with and I would have absolutely no hesitation in recommending them to any companies in the pharmaceutical industry”

Thanks to CRS's commitment to safety, security and quality, they were able to provide Sigma-Aldrich with a pharmaceutical solution that went above and beyond what is expected and required by the industry.

Published by: CRS Cold Storage

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