Cold Storage Solutions for Synergix

Synergix Logistics Solutions contacted The CRS Group at the very beginning of the company’s growth, looking for cold storage units at two sites. One site was in the Midlands and the second one was in London, both needed to be set for the distribution of ambient, chilled and frozen products. At that stage, Synergix were unsure what unit size would suit them best, so the solution had to be scalable.

The initial site of choice was located near London, with limited external space but enough of internal storage space to fit our Mega 3 in 1 cold storage unit for chilled products. The CRS team installed the unit within two days, ensuring that everything is swiftly ready for Synergix’s dispatch from the new site.
After the first dispatch, the Synergix team realised they actually need a double amount of storage space than initially estimated but the problem was that the existing mega unit couldn’t be turned off and relocated as it stored chilled goods.

The CRS Group came up with a quick solution to this problem and sent down three 40ft cold stores while the installation team prepared three extra sections for the existing Mega unit. Due to a limited deadline and next dispatch dates, the team had only a two-day slot to turn Mega 3 in 1 into 6 in 1! The CRS installation team went above and beyond to make this happen and Synergix was provided with a storage expansion from 60 to 120 pallets with no disruption to their service within a day!

Months later, Synergix wanted to move the whole unit from London to Birmingham and add an extra section. After the site surveys were done, The CRS team executed a swift move over the weekend to ensure no disruptions were made to the Synergix operations and distribution. Furthermore, after another six months, Synergix needed to move the unit a mile away from the new site and our team managed to strip and move the whole Mega block and have it ready for their inbound stock within four days!

The CRS Group has provided Synergix with multiple units at different sites. They were able to find a solution for every storage demand, unit and site size, with no disruption to our operations and within very tight time frames. Their installation team was amazing, as well as the crane operator. They were very knowledgeable, quick, and able to mitigate any possible obstacle at the site!

Anthony Champness - Co-Owner & Director - Synergix

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