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Recently, a top US pharmaceutical company were in desperate need of several cold store units for their products and enlisted CRS cold storage for help.


Many of the products that come from the pharmaceutical industry must be kept at a very specific temperature and no doing so could cause the products to spoil - this is where cold storage comes in. Hot box units, extra wide cold stores and other variations of specialised pharmaceutical storage all play a role in the safe containment and moving of medical products. Blood kits, vaccines and diagnostic kits are just some of the products that might require the use of a cold store, but there are many others too.


For this build, a complete emergency cold store package was needed. The pharmaceutical giants needed refrigerated units to hold 50+ pallets at a temperature of +2 and +8 degrees. Thanks to the vast range of cold stores available, including their extra wide container and high pallet capacity cold stores, CRS Cold Storage could act immediately, delivering 3 of their 40ft units directly to the clients site at incredibly short notice. Due to the high value natures of the products, CRS were also able to provide them with their unique Rmoni internet monitoring package, ensuring that they were fully covered and that all of their products were kept safe, secure and at the right temperature. Similar cold store units provided by CRS include added extras such as kill switches and lock stops, bespoke alarm systems and also supply chain monitoring systems that help to monitor the humidity and pressure outside.


CRS offers a wide range of pharmaceutical grade storage solutions from small internal cold stores to larger space-saving outdoor units. All pharmaceutical units are designed specifically with medical products in mind, so whether you need extra protection ‘just in case’ or like this company, you need emergency storage for high value inventories, you’ll know that your products are safe. Most importantly of all, CRS cold store units have been used by medical approved board sites for many years, giving those who enlist their help peace of mind.


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