Wagashi Bakery

Project Brief

Founded in 1986, Wagashi Bakery is of Japanese origins and began as a small, family orientated business is now an established supplier and distributor of Japanese baked goods across the UK and Europe.

Wagashi Bakery Logo

Wagashi bakery is famous for dorayaki, best described as a dessert with red bean filling between two slices of sweet fluffy pancakes, a food widely consumed across Japan. A niche product in the UK market, the company has growth plans to develop its product range by ‘westernising’ the flavours which could include chocolate, lemon and custard.

As they continue to expand, their own chilled capacity which they had bought was no longer big enough, and so Wagashi contacted CRS to provide a blast freezer solution for their business.


As Wagashi Bakery identified the potential to distribute across Europe, they knew they would have to scale up for exporting. When our team visited the site there was limited space available but it was imperative that the solution offered did not minimise their production space.

40ft Blast Freezer


Thanks to our wide range of solutions, we offered the company a 40ft Mini blast. Due to the features of our blast freezers, this offered Wagashi Bakery two options for storage in the same unit – the first, to blast freeze their products and maintain the temperature until ready for distribution and the second, thanks to the way in which the mini blast distributes cold air, the unit enables the temperature of the products to be lowered quickly.

This solution was delivered on time and with minimal disruption to existing facilities due to the flexible and considerate CRS approach. The unit supplied by CRS has been a great asset to their business and facilitated growth.


Published by: CRS Cold Storage

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