Remote Temperature Monitoring Transport Solutions

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Avoid risking damage to your goods due to temperature variations during transport by utilising wireless temperature monitoring and alarm systems. Our solutions provide 24/7 monitoring for your storage areas which can be tailored to match your infrastructure and resource needs.

Benefits of Remote Temperature Monitoring

  • Option for frost alert early warning system
  • Provides additional fire protection due to over-heating warning
  • Temperature sensitive goods guaranteed to be safe during transport and storage
  • We install the systems and teach you how to use them, minimising your overheads
  • Additional remote monitoring by CRS staff is available to pre-empt issues for you
  • Peace of mind knowing your transport is being monitored at all times

Rmoni Remote Temperature Monitoring

Rmoni Transport MonitoringInstall wireless sensors in your cold transport box, truck or container. Log in via internet to view your measurements whenever and wherever you like. Comply with HACCP. And relax: Email and SMS messages are sent as soon as preset levels are violated.

Rmoni's transport monitoring solution, based on their innovative Sensor2Web technology, provides live data on the road visible to both drivers and their base, with alerting present for both in the case of any issues.

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PIMM Remote Temperature Monitoring

Remote Temperature Monitoring for Transports

PIMM™ is a supply chain logistics system which is offered as a subscription service - Software as a Service (SaaS). PIMM™ is an open architected platform that can be integrated to any operational process. PIMM™ monitors and manages data that is collected from any/all sources – analog or digital. PIMM™ is capable of monitoring such diverse operational resources as plant equipment, building management controllers, IT devices, HVAC systems, lighting systems, temperature management systems, fleet management, warehouse management and much more.

The PIMM™ Logistics software provides cross industry support for solutions in the a variety of industries such as food service, retail, distribution, pharmaceutical, bio-tech, building management, IT management, etc.

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