Refrigeration & Cold Storage Trends for 2018

The refrigeration and commercial cold storage industry are likely to be impacted by the changes that we are going to see this year in 2018.

From shifts in food trends to advances in the ways in which food is transported, the way in which food is stored will need to adapt. New and innovative developments are required within the market, read more to find out how you can keep on top of the refrigeration trends 2018.

Changes in Food Trends

One major change we will be looking to see is the increase consumers wanting healthier foods. As the market reaches out to customers with new colours, healthier and fresher convenient food within supermarkets, it means cold storage options need to suit these trends.

Every year there seems to be a brand-new food trend to keep on top of. For example, in 2017 we saw the rise of more Korean food being introduced within supermarkets and restaurants. This year there is the rise to the plant-based diet and the movement to more middle-eastern and ethnically diverse food options.

New food trends being in 2018, also signals a change in which food will need to be stored in supermarkets and restaurants.  For example, as food products are going to involve fresh produce such as fruit and veg, industries investing in temperature controlled storage is a must.  It is vital to ensure that products are hygienically stored, to maintain freshness and quality.

This will benefit your industry with cost savings to be made as product waste will be decreased whilst also increasing opportunities for expansion.

Consumer shopping trends change

Consumer shopping trends change

Customer shopping trends are changing and as customers are faced with busy schedules, they want access to food fast. This has given to the rise of having fresh, locally sourced foods being delivered.

Making sure you have invested in the correct refrigeration and food transport for your industry is important to match the changes that are happening within the industry.

The rise of food transportation within the refrigeration industry means that ensuring that you have efficient, quality cold storage with up-to-date technology is important to meet consumers demands. In addition, having advanced digital temperature monitoring allows for recording of temperature drops and changes to minimise waste amongst stock.

Food safety and hygiene

As products need to be stored safely, and at specific temperatures and ranges whilst on the move, having cold storage options such as blast freezer or portable chilled storage will assist in also ensuring that food safety concerns are minimal. This is important to ensure that storage of products meets the regulations and guidelines for food safety.

Additionally, storing products in cold storage that abides by the 2020 F Gas Regulation Changes will also provide assurance that food products stored are kept environmentally friendly.

As keeping up to date with regulations is vital and a strong focus in 2018, keeping ahead of industry changes of your cold storage units are safe is key.

If you are looking for refrigeration which you feel will help you keep up with 2018’s upcoming food trends, contact CRS today. Our team of experts will be happy to advise you further.

Monday 15th January 2018

Published by: CRS Cold Storage

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