Air Freight Paralysed from Volcanic Ash.

With much of Europe’s sky in unparalleled silence following the recent Volcano in Iceland, companies need to find a different resolution to transporting products throughout Europe and beyond.

Temperature sensitive products, for instance high value pharmaceuticals, should be transported under strict conditions to preserve their properties. Even though air freight is often the quickest form of transport it is, in situations like we find ourselves in today, not always obtainable. Companies still need to move their temperature sensitive products and be afforded the peace of mind that these products will be transported under ideal conditions.

CRS Mobile Cold Storage, offer pharmaceutical cold stores, designed specifically for the storage and carriage of high value, temperature sensitive products. The pharmaceutical cold store is made from a specially modified refrigerated container. This has the benefit that it can easily be shipped anyway in the world. mini cold storage containers

The pharmaceutical cold store have several special features like two fully independent refrigeration units (giving full redundancy) and remote temperature monitoring systems, provide the user with the necessary peace of mind.

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Wednesday 20th March 2002

Published by: CRS Cold Storage

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