Why hire a Blast Freezer this Christmas?

Many industries are expected to plan effectively to cater to the massive surge in bookings and customer orders during the festive season. Whether you work within the catering, hospitality or retail industry, Christmas and New Year bring opportunities to maximise profits.

Blast Freezers are a great investment due to the many benefits of food safety that will lead to returning customers within your industry. Down below, we expand more on the different benefits of our Blast Freezer range.

Increase your Menu Offering

Christmas is a great opportunity for restaurants and cater's to expand their menu offering and cash in on cheerful punters looking to sample some festive treats. 

With an increasing number of dining out and catered parties on the rise, restaurants and caterers must meet the ever-growing demand by ordering various products and ingredients during the festive period. 

Blast Freezers are highly efficient stores that increase storage capacity allowing you to store all of your ingredients; this brings an opportunity to restaurants to expand menu offerings temporarily during the Christmas period.

Increase Storage Capacity

As menus are tailored to suit the festive period, caterers and restauranteurs risk ordering more products to meet the rapidly growing demand. Investing in effective storage for your products will prolong their shelf-life and ensure that these products are available for consumption at the right time.

Blast Freezers are the perfect solution for preparing large amounts of temperature-sensitive foods to cater to large parties and functions due to their storage capacity. You can be fully prepared for last-minute bookings, as backup storage will allow you to optimise business profit margins and maximise bookings.

Our cold storage solutions can be placed outdoors as they are fully weatherproof. Therefore, you can optimise the internal space to ensure maximum productivity from your staff. Our wide variety of Blast Freezers can be easily tailored to your business's requirements.

 Safe Chilling of Foods

Safe Chilling of Foods

When meeting your customers' expectations, it is vital to ensure that food is safely stored, especially during the festive period; this can help maximise bookings and bring you more profits.

Our Blast Freezers are a perfect solution to quickly freeze different types of meats, fish and more to eliminate the risks of harmful bacteria from multiplying. This is due to the Blast Freezer design, as they can quickly cool from 70˚C to 3˚C or below within 90 minutes. Chefs can safely chill or freeze ingredients for later use, keeping food wastage at a minimum. 

Are you looking to maximise your profits this Christmas? Our wide range of Blast Freezers can be easily tailored to your business requirements. Speak with one of our team members today to discuss the perfect solution to help you increase your profits this Christmas.

Monday 7th November 2022

Published by: CRS Cold Storage

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