Chirstmas Blast Freezer Hire Benefits

The build up to the festive period is a busy time for any industry. It is a period where families and friends gather for parties and events and the demand increases from the customers.

Industries are expected to plan effectively to cater to the huge surge in bookings and customer orders.

Whether you work within the catering, hospitality or the retail industry, the Christmas and New Year is sure to be an opportunity to maximise on profits. For restaurants, it is a time where new menu and food ideas can be tested as customer feedback can be taken on board.

Hiring a Blast Freezer or Blast Chiller can be a fantastic solution during the festive period and can lead to many exciting prospects for those within the restaurant industry.

Increasing your Menu Offering

Chirstmas is a fantastic oppourtunity for retaurant and cater's to expand their menu offering, and cash in on cheerful punters looking to sample some festive treats. As customers look for something new to try, those within the catering industry are expected to experiment to interest and cater to different tastes. Hiring a Blast Freezer can provide highly effcient sotrage of goods, in preparation for the Chirstmas rush.

With increasing number dining out and catered parties on the rise restaurants and caterers are required to meet demand by order an increasing variety of produce and ingredients that would require storage during the busy festive period. To meet demand, opting to hire addition cold storage in the form of a Blast Chiller can provide restaurants with the chance to temporarily expand menu offering.

Although long-term investment in a cold storage solution may not be on the cards yet, a blast freezer can be used to meet the specific needs of any restaurant in the short-term.

Increase Storage Capacity

As menus are tailored to suit the festive period, caterers and restauranteurs take a risk by ordering more produce to meet demand. The effective storage of produce is vital to ensure shelf-life and effective cooling of prepared goods. Hiring a Blast Chiller is a great option when preparing large amounts of food to cater to large parties and functions.

Those that work within the catering industry may invest in blast freezers to store produce. This will ensure that you are fully prepared to in the case of worst case scenario’s. Additionally, if there are last-minute bookings, having back-up storage will guarantee that you use the busy period to optimise on business profit margins and maximise bookings.

Blast Freezers can be used externally as they are fully weatherproof. Therefore, intenral space can be fully optimised to ensure maximum productivity. There is a variety of blast freezers that you can choose from, thus they can be easily suited to your industry and requirements.

 Safe Chilling of Foods

Safe Chilling of Foods

It is vital to ensure that food is safely stored, especially during the festive period as there are more mouths to feed. Blast freezers will allow for quick freezing of food such as meats.

An advantage of using a blast freezer is that a range of food can be stored whilst the risk for harmful bacteria growing is also reduced. This is due to the fact temperature within a blast freezer can quickly be cooled from 70˚C to 3˚C or below within 90 minutes.

Chefs can safely chill or freeze ingredients to use at a later period and food safety can be maximised whilst food wastage is kept at a minimum. 

If you are looking to invest in a Blast freezer for your industry, our team of experts will be happy to help. Please get in touch on 0800 085 2298.

Tuesday 7th November 2017

Published by: CRS Cold Storage

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