The Risks of Cooling without a Blast Freezer

A blast freezer is a cold storage unit that can quickly freeze large quantities of goods.

Commercial Blast freezers are essential for companies that need to quickly reduce the temperature of their products to be ready for short-term storage or transportation.

When working within the commercial food industry, it is crucial to freeze food quickly with blast freezers providing the optimal solution for safely storing large quantities of food.

There are numerous benefits to using a Blast Freezer, making it an ideal investment for any industry, including:

  • Keeping food fresh for months.
  • Storing large quantities of food, especially during busy periods.
  • Slows down the decaying process that happens to meats, fish and poultry.
  • Assists in locking nutrients in food, maintaining its healthy.

Without a blast freezer, there are higher risks associated with food cooling. These risks can increase waste for your business and prevent maximisation in profits. This can not only impact your business financially, but it could also impact the quality of the product leaving consumers dissatisfied and losing loyalty.

Importance of investing in a blast freezer

Although a standard fridge may be helpful for businesses such as local restaurants, for most larger companies, it will limit the extent to which they can optimise their storage. The addition of a larger facility can offer an opportunity to expand the number of products and increase business prospects.

To ensure that the temperature fluctuations are eliminated, Blast Freezers offer long term freezing which is hugely beneficial to businesses that need to reduce wastage. This solution offers safe and rapid chilling or freezing for tonnes of stock in a short period and helps lock in all of the nutrients in the products. 

Blast Freezers are vital to businesses that deal with large amounts of stock every day, as the temperature can be easily controlled and monitored, leading to an improved revenue by providing the best quality product to consumers. 

Traditional Cooling

Traditional fridges do not cool quick enough

Safe storage of food requires controlled and specific temperatures. When stored in a regular chiller, food can be chilled from 70°C to 3°C, significantly limiting the products you can safely store.

However, a blast freezer can chill products from 70°C to -18°C in less than 4 hours, thus offering a quicker cooling time for various products.

During busy periods, having the option to blast freeze food quickly can make a significant difference to productivity and efficiency within your business. As blast freezers are designed to suit commercial business requirements and specifications, they can quickly freeze products at low temperatures and assist in storing products for long periods. 

Food safety

In addition, to follow food safety regulations, businesses must have clean storage for food to prevent bacteria growth. The slow cooling of food can lead to more germs and bacteria and cause food poisoning when consumed. When stored in a blast freezer, food is quickly chilled to the correct temperature, inhibiting harmful bacteria growth and ensuring hygiene.

Blast Freeze to preserve quality

Food quality

If food is not correctly stored at the right temperature, the quality of the product can deteriorate. As condensation builds up if stored in regular fridges, food can become soggy and, as a result, lose flavour. Quality must be maintained at the highest standards when storing products such as fruits, vegetables and meats. Storing food at an optimum temperature preserves nutrients retaining food's nutrients and freshness.

Keeping food fresh and appealing will keep consumers and retailers satisfied whilst preventing waste and extending profit margins. The Blast Freezing method allows for the safe cooling of produce but can also be used as a long-term storage facility, ensuring product quality for months to come. 

It can be highly advantageous when storing a large number of seasonal foods and result in quality products being sold to consumers as Blast Freezers provide high-quality temperature control and a larger facility for all products.   

At CRS, our Blast Freezers can be tailored to the company's unique needs, including:

  • Mantrap alarms for staff safety
  • Easy-open doors for hassle-free access
  • Interior lighting for safety and convenience
  • Stainless steel interiors and non-slip floors

CRS offers various Blast Freezers that are highly beneficial to different businesses looking to store or transport delicate goods. CRS solutions can assist in improving your company's productivity levels with fantastic benefits and are not limited to a specific industry.

CRS provides custom Blast Freezers with additional access and tailored sizing. Our industry-leading solutions are available for hire and rent, delivering anywhere in Europe. Contact our cold storage experts online now.

Friday 20th May 2022

Published by: CRS Cold Storage

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