Working in the Food Industry: Are Blast Freezers Right for You?

Blast freezers are the quickest and most convenient way to reduce the temperature of food stuffs quickly and safely.

Working in the Food Industry: Are Blast Freezers Right for You?

Using blowers that rapidly force chilled air around the unit, they can be used to freeze a variety of different products. However, they are most commonly used for large quantities of fish, meat and poultry, as these products spoil quickly even in low temperatures. There are a number of different sized blast freezers available, making them a perfect fit for a number of different businesses.

Mini blast freezers work well in commercial kitchens, as they can be tucked away to free up floor space, whereas larger portable blast freezers can be used to transport frozen foods from one site to another.

Portable freezers can also be purchased or rented simply for the added convenience of manageability, even if your unit is stationary for long periods of time. One of the biggest benefits of larger blast freezers is their ability to freeze thousands of kilograms of fish and meat in just 24 hours, making them perfect for big businesses.

If you’re looking to expand the amount of stock you hold quickly and without fuss, then investing in a blast freezer is the right choice for your company. With easy setup and no planning permission necessary, you can begin blast freezing new produce within days, ensuring a plentiful supply of stock and giving your customers a broader product selection.

The fast acting nature of blast freezing is also incredibly popular in commercial food preparation and distribution due to its ability to inhibit bacterial growth. As bacteria are present in most foods at low temperatures, the ability to freeze food quickly minimises the risk to consumers, a feature which is particularly beneficial if your produce must be moved to various sites across the country.

It’s understandable that when choosing heavy-duty units for your warehouse, keeping your workforce safe will be amongst your top priorities. High-quality blast freezers include a number of safety features that can help give you peace of mind when choosing a unit to buy or rent including: easy access and easy open doors, interior lighting throughout, quality non-slip flooring and specialised man-trap alarms.

All of these features will ensure that your staff are as protected and comfortable as possible whilst loading and offloading stock, alongside the added benefit of making their job that little bit easier.

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Thursday 19th February 2015

Published by: CRS Cold Storage

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