Brexit Can and Can't Do

With the Brexit deal being a reasonably complicated transition, we’re seeing for many of our clients it has not been easy navigating the new rules of what businesses can and can’t be trading.

For UK businesses and citizens, the UK Government has launched the Brexit Checker with information on what you need to do differently in you:

You may have seen our recent article on the detrimental impact of the Brexit deal on the UK meat industry and we are seeing equal, if not more, effects for the fishing industry.

Changes to the fish industry

In the trade deal, fishing rights formed a large chunk of the negotiations with much speculation that no-deal would be reached due to fishing, over 1200 pages were dedicated to the industry in the agreement.

EU boats will still be permitted to fish in UK waters with a 25% decrease in EU fishing rights, shifting over to the UK within the next 5 years. After this period, from 2026, there will be annual negotiations on fishing rights.

During these ongoing negotiations, there may be further changes to the industry and for many businesses, the state of the Brexit deal is a large cause for concern with the promise of uncertainty.  After the 5 transition years, the UK can choose to withdraw EU access to the UK's waters; however, the EU may also do this to the UK or impose high tariffs on seafood exports.

Alongside the increasing doubt and uncertainty of the deal, there have been large logistical issues for UK businesses. Due to the increased paperwork and border checks, there have been significant delays. With the EU a large market for UK fish (333,000 tonnes exported in 2019), these delays have a significant impact on UK fisheries.

CRS Cold Chain

These significant delays can result in both logistical and financial burdens for fisheries, companies must now prepare further in advance and risk the chance of ruining products due to lengthy border delays.

Through investment into a competent cold chain, you can ensure your supply chain is working efficiently and can keep temperature-sensitive products viable and compliant with international regulations.Through years of experience and investment, CRS has ensured our cold storage containers are highly efficient in keeping cold chains intact.

Get in contact today to discuss how CRS can create bespoke solutions to enhance your storage capabilities. We understand the importance of delivering storage solutions that benefit and enhance your supply chain methods.

Friday 26th February 2021

Published by: CRS Cold Storage

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