Christmas Cold Storage

The Christmas period is an extremely busy time for producers, restaurateurs and retailers alike. The demand for high quality produce in large volume is unfounded, and each year it seems to grow.

With this in mind, it is important that you safeguard your business against any issues that could affect it over Winter.

As we dive head-on into the winter months, spare a thought for the engines that drive your business. If your business relies on effective cold storage all year round then it’s essential that you take precautionary steps. Protecting the business from potential hazards, such as defective storage or at worse, a breakdown.

This article takes a look at some of the pitfalls of cold storage in peak times. It offers fantastic advice on how to get the best from your cold storage solution. It also highlights a solution to protect your cold store and business operation.

Cold Storage Inefficiencies

At peak times it’s important to ensure you are getting the best from your cold storage solution. Poor operation and management can lead to high running costs and produce spoil.

Here are our top tips for maintaining effective storage at peak times.

  1. Keep General Hygiene to an exemplary level.
  2. Practice effective Stock Rotation.
  3. Avoid cross-contamination by keeping the unit clean and tidy.
  4. Enforce best storage practice, like keeping raw and cooked produce separate.

Chiristmas Dining

Meeting High Demand

Christmas is a time when demand on local services is high. Christmas gatherings mean demand for high-quality produce is at a yearly high.

Ensuring that your business has enough storage capacity to see you through this busy period is essential. Fulfilling the demand and expectations of your customers can lead to fantastic profits through this time of increased spending.

Tight on space? Fret not, there is a solution. Talk to CRS about upgrading your Cold Storage to give you that extra space you need. If you’re not ready to increase your stock holding on a permanent basis, we also offering fantastic first-use units for hire or lease.

CRS offer hire agreements that will see you through the Christmas period. With 24hr Maintenance included, hiring Cold Storage with CRS is a very popular option.

Hiring commercial refrigeration in this way offers many benefits.

• No Long Term Contract

• Flexible Hire Contracts

• On-Site Delivery

• 24hr Maintenance

Restaurant in Winter

Feeding the Masses

If you’re in the business of feeding people, then cold storage is crucial to your business delivering high quality. It needs to offer a viable solution for the storage of goods and produce while adhering to stringent Health and Safety regulations for food storage and preparation.

In high demand at this time of year is our range of Blast Freezers. With flexible hire agreements available, now is the best time to enquire about getting a unit on-site to see you through the festive period.

A Blast Freezer offers quick and efficient freezing of vast quantities of produce, locking in freshness and reducing the risk of bacterial growth. In commercial food preparation, safety is a key advantage that Blast Freezers offer, reducing the risk to consumers and end users. Let’s be honest, any mistakes here can be highly damaging.

Cold Store Breakdown

A breakdown over Christmas can be devastating and carry huge cost implications. Yet, there are ways that you can reduce the risk of expensive breakdowns resulting in downtime and spoilage.

The first step is to ensure you are using your Cold Store effectively and abiding by the provider's recommendations on correct use. By making sure that you are doing the basics right, you’ll stand a greatly reduced chance of running into service issues.

Here are our Top Tips for correct use...

  • Keep the contents in your Cold Store well organised.
  • Clean your Cold Store regularly and implement a checklist and rota.
  • Check the condition of mechanical parts such as Motors, Fans and Filters.
  • Keep doors closed and sealed as much as possible.

Although maintaining your unit is a great preventative step, there isn’t much you can do about mechanical failure. That’s why it’s imperative that you have some form of maintenance plan in place for your cold storage solution.

Most cold storage units will have a certain amount of time before temperatures rise and the produce stored begins to spoil. Acting quickly is essential. A Service and Maintenance plan from CRS means you can rest easy, with a 24hr Maintenance team on call through-out the peak Christmas period.

Not only that, our Service and Maintenance plan offers routine servicing throughout the year to ensure peak performance. Our team of highly skilled engineers are adept at solving issues and getting cold stores back online. CRS boast the largest service and maintenance team in the UK, so no matter where you are, we’ll get to you and resolve the issue.

Peace of mind, matched by a premium service and high-quality hire units. What’s not to love about CRS Hire? For more details speak with one of the team on 0800 085 2298. Complete our enquiry form and we’ll respond to provide a no-obligation quote.

Tuesday 12th November 2019

Published by: CRS Cold Storage

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