Cold Storage Design

Having poorly designed cold storage could lead to detrimental problems in the future.

Not only could you run the risk of losing large amounts of product, but a poorly designed cold storage solution could result in energy bills shooting through the roof. It is crucial to get design right the first time to avoid profitability being affected in the years to come.

While cold storages come in a vast array of sizes, uses, layouts and construction methods, there are a few key design features that apply universally.

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Insulation gone wrong can result in condensation, mouldy, or rotting walls. The appropriate thickness of insulation aids in keeping temperatures correct and will keep moisture from migrating into the wood cladding/structure and prevent water from leaking in from the roof - two problems that would need serious reconstruction to be fixed.

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If adequate openings and ventilation have not been provided, the lack of airflow will increase humidity, making it a perfect storm for mould to grow. In addition to humidity control, ventilation systems keep air circulating (pushing cool air in and warm air out), prevent a vacuum effect happening inside the cold storage, and aid in keeping adequate temperatures.

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Floor Space

To keep energy costs low, cold storage floor space should be optimised. Racking is the most popular form of large-scale cold storage. Storage density is critical, as cold goods also help to keep nearby goods cold, reducing overall energy costs.

Some other things to note

In rooms that are below 0, a door frame heater needs to be installed to prevent the door from freezing shut, and an underfloor heater should be installed to prevent ice from forming on the floor. It is important to note to keep door use to a minimum, the longer a cold storage door stays open, the more energy costs are going to rise to keep temperature levels the same.

At CRS we offer a variety of sustainable cold storages that you can rely on. To find out more or get your free, no-obligation quote on cold storage, call today on 0800 085 2298.

Friday 20th July 2018

Published by: CRS Cold Storage

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