Why flexibility is important in cold storage

The frozen food sector is the fastest-growing retail food category with a 4% increase year on year. This industry is expected to continue its expansion to adjust to consumer needs and demands.

*Source: British Frozen Food Federation (BFFF).

Some trends like online shopping or the new offerings in meat, seafood, ready meals, dairy, fruits and vegetables continue to drive the growth of frozen and refrigerated foods. With users now having new ways of consuming food, it’s more important than ever to be flexible and adapt to the newly forming landscape.

Cold storage is a great way to take control of your production overheads and plan for unpredictability. There are four reasons why these solutions allow you to be more flexible when approaching your market.


There are many different types of units to suit all needs. Choosing the right one will depend on the product, the space and the type of solution you are after. From 10ft up to 45ft ISO, you can easily find the blast freezer that adapts to your business more adequately.

This type of solution can help you bring your storage in-house or increase your storage capacity cost-effectively.

Cold Store Temperatures


No matter what product you are looking to store, cold storage units are highly efficient equipment that can be set up to meet your product’s temperature demands. These units are equipped with temperature control to allow storage and monitoring of produce at the required temperature consistently.

With a wide range of temperature settings from -18°C to more ambient temperatures, you can safely store any products knowing you’ll be meeting all the legal and safety requirements of your industry.


If moving your produce around is part of your business, mobile units are reliable and can help you remain reactive to changes as they arise.

Portable blast Freezers are a great way of chilling goods quickly to prevent the growth of bacteria. They can easily be transported between locations, which makes them an ideal solution for the catering industry where cooling food is an essential part of providing food safety.

Buy or rent

There are different options available to make the most out of these solutions. Purchase, lease or rent for both short- and long-term hire periods is possible with suppliers like CRS.

No matter your needs - dealing with busy periods, meeting new increasing demands or finding a solution to your business new strategy - cold storage products can help you become more flexible in a time where flexibility is more important than ever for the food industry.

Thursday 8th August 2019

Published by: CRS Cold Storage

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