Cold Storage to Meet your Business Needs

Commercial cold storage is such a necessary asset for a number of industries but with each of them holding their own unique needs and budget, finding the correct type of unit is essential.

This guide will take you through some of the most suitable cold storage products for a variety of industries.

 Cold Storage for Business

Public Organisations

Public organisations such as schools, hospitals and care homes are often given the mammoth task of feeding hundreds of people every day. Many public organisations are working on a tiny per-person budget, meaning it’s not financially viable or even possible to buy in fresh produce every single day. This is why freezing and refrigerating freshly made produce is essential for anyone working in a busy, public kitchen.

Standard Cold Storage/Blast Freezing Units

CRS refrigerated containers and blast freezers are perfect for storing fresh and raw produce at a safe temperature. Available in sizes ranging from 10ft to 45ft, they offer plenty of refrigerated space for organisations of all sizes. With a temperature range of -40°C to +10°C, each unit can safely store fruit, vegetables, meats and pre-cooked meals all in a extremely hygienic environment.

If dealing with sick, young or elderly people, safety and hygiene will be your main priority. Our Grade A units offer the most complete package when it comes to convenience, safety and efficiency.

Including easy open doors for units in frequent use, reliable temperature monitoring/recording and hygienic, easy clean aluminium, the Grade A range is both a safe and cost effective way to store produce.

Cold Rooms

For larger public organisations who want to make the most of their internal space, a cold room is another practical option. Ideal for organisations who cannot house a cold storage or freezing unit either inside or out, a cold room is a suitable alternative. With temperature ranges of +10˚C to -20˚C and a 20 pallet capacity inside, the ColdKit Matrix room is perfect for hygienic food preparation and storage.

 fish cold storage room


In recent times, the demand for high quality, long-life fish products has increased significantly, making the need for preservation essential. Raw fish has one of the fastest deterioration times of any fresh produce but its lifespan can be significantly improved with quick and effective freezing.

Portable blast freezers are the most effective cold storage solution for fisheries as they offer fast, low temperature freezing, even in high quantities.

Standard portable blast freezers are available in lengths from 10ft to 40ft. For larger fisheries, wide span portable blast freezers and super freezers are also a sensible option and come with a huge 13-20 pallet capacity.

Perfect for deep freezing and overseas travel, portable blast freezers are the smart choice for any fishery.

 Distribution Warehouses and Supermarkets

Distribution Warehouses and Supermarkets

Food distribution centres usually benefit from a larger style of cold storage unit, as well as a mix of both on-site, static refrigeration and portable units.

A wide span cold store unit offers businesses a 22-39 pallet capacity with a standard temperature range of -40°C to +10°C. Wide units come with a high roof option and pallet wide double doors as standard. More importantly, all wide span units can be combined to create a much larger multifunction storage facility for businesses with a wide range of products.

Wider units can be used to freeze, chill and maintain ambient produce temperatures no matter the capacity, making them suitable for all types of raw and cooked goods.

For supermarkets, cold storage rooms are a fantastic cold storage solution. The integration of a cold room into a supermarket building creates an easy and fuss free way to store and move goods before they make their way onto the shelves.

Whilst standard commercial refrigeration would also be a viable option, some cold storage and freezing units aren’t as suited to frequent use. So if you’re regularly moving goods to and from storage, a cold room is a far more practical solution.


Restaurants, Pubs and Caterers

Eating out is more popular than ever and with more demand comes more business responsibility. With restaurants, catering companies and even pubs now offering an even wider variety of dishes, the need to store and freeze fresh produce on a long term basis is no longer a choice.

If you run a smaller eatery or catering company, you might be under the assumption that commercial cold storage isn’t for you. However, there are a wide range of mini portable chillers and mini blast freezers that are perfect for smaller businesses just like yours.


10ft Mobile Cold Storage Unit

The CRS 10ft Mobile Cold Storage Unit

This comes with a 1-6 pallet capacity, with a temperature range of -40°C – +10°C. It can be stored inside or out and is perfect for chilling and freezing a smaller capacity of goods.

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10ft Blast Freezer Unit

The CRS 10ft Blast Freezer Unit

Much like its cold storage sister, this smaller blast freezer has a temperature range of -40°C – +10°C and has the capacity for 1-3 pallets. A mini blast freezer is a great choice is you want to quickly freeze raw produce such as fish and poultry.

Built for heavy use in a busy kitchen, these smaller commercial units are perfect for pubs, restaurants and caterers.

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Pharmaceutical Companies and Hospitals

It isn’t just food produce that benefits from commercial cold storage and if you work in pharmaceutical industry, you probably know how important it is.

At CRS, we have a range of specialist cold storage and freezing solutions specially designed with the pharma industry in mind. These include:

  • Zone 1 and Zone 2 ATEX cold store units, perfectly suited to store and transport potentially hazardous materials, liquids and adhesives.
  • Ultra-low temperature cold stores, designed to reach lows of -70°C for temperature sensitive organic materials and chemicals.

Modular flat pack cold rooms, as well as standard refrigeration and freezing units are also available – all suited to businesses in these important industries. First use of a cold store unit can also be guaranteed for companies that require it.

For more information on pharmaceutical applications, please visit our dedicated site -

Still not found what you’re looking for?

CRS also offer a wide range of bespoke refrigeration and commercial freezing units for businesses that need a truly unique solution. Talk to one of our team members today to find out how easy it is to create bespoke cold storage to meet your business needs.


Tuesday 31st July 2018

Published by: CRS Cold Storage

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