Making the Most of Commercial Refrigeration and Freezing

There’s a variety of commercial refrigeration and freezing units to suit every company’s specific needs and many units can be used across different industries. Finding the right cold storage for your produce is one thing but getting the most out of it is another.

There is so much more to storage than keeping your produce cool and this short guide looks at some of the ways you can customise your cold storage and in turn, improve your company’s prospects and profits.

Unit Customisation

Commercial refrigeration and freezing units are capable of more than just holding pallets. There are a range of product specific and general unit customisations that are easy to install and could improve the quality of your storage.

Some of our most popular include:

Meat Rails

An essential addition to any meat manufacturer or distributor’s cold storage, meat rails are the perfect option for any company focused on large meat products or speciality meats such as salami and chorizo.

Double Stacking

An ingenious customisation for organisations that are desperate to expand quickly but simply don’t have the space to do so. Whether it’s through necessity or company aspiration, double stacked containers are a quick and easy way to solve your space issues without having to move premises.

Multi-unit connections

Our commercial refrigeration and freezing cold stores can be directly linked together for easy access between each unit, creating a type of multi-room facility. This is an ideal option for businesses who want to store a variety of different products within one, easy to access area.

Cloud Based Temperature Monitoring and Analysis

For ultimate peace of mind, many of our units can be fitted withClimacheck refrigeration analysis and Rmoni cloud based monitoring. The state of the art Climacheck tech allows you to analyse your current refrigeration and ensure it’s the most efficient unit fitted. Meanwhile, Rmoni monitoring allows you to wirelessly check up on temperature, humidity, Co2 levels, overpressures and much more from anywhere in the country or the world.

Speciality Units

Alongside unit customisations, you may find that your business experiences greater benefits from a specialty unit, specifically designed with your needs in mind.

Some examples of speciality units include:


Dry Aged Refrigerators

Commercial refrigeration units designed with the unique temperature and humidity needs of dry aged meats in mind.

Mini Mobile Storage

A more compact version of our standard cold storage that’s highly suited to smaller restaurants and caterers looking to expand their range of products. Mini cold storage is also ideal for small, independent manufacturers who specialise in one product.

Commercial Blast Freezer

Custom Commercial Refrigeration and Freezing

At CRS, we also offer a bespoke cold storage designing service to help you make the most out of your cold storage units. We understand that no two businesses are the same, which is why we collaborate with clients to provide then with refrigeration and freezing units that work with them.

Learn more about the benefits of a commercial freezer

Find out more about our cold storage customisations and bespoke services by talking to a member of the CRS team today. Alternatively, complete our enquiry form and a member of our team will get back to you to discuss your requirement.

Thursday 18th April 2019

Published by: CRS Cold Storage

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