Benefits of hiring a commercial fridge freezer

A commercial fridge freezer can effortlessly balance high ambient temperatures while keeping your products cool. This type of equipment is essential for any business within the food industry. Serving a good product that meets both quality and safety requirements can easily be achieved by using reliable refrigerations systems.

If you are confident of the advantages and are weighing your options and leaning towards the rental option, we highlight here some of the benefits of hiring commercial fridge freezers.

Low investment

Buying a commercial fridge freezer is a big investment for your business, and you may not be in a situation to purchase right now.

Whether you are simply going through unusually busy periods and need extra support to keep your products fresh, or want to experience the advantages of commercial freezing for yourself, leasing can be a wise solution financially.

Hiring a commercial fridge freezer does not represent a massive investment as you can spread the cost into smaller, manageable monthly payments. Avoiding upfront pay-outs will also mean more free cash for other business operations that may be needed within your business.


Most suppliers will offer you different benefits in terms of payment methods, rental terms, periods of time for which you can use the equipment, whether the units are delivered to your site… and the list goes on! Leasing a commercial fridge freezer means you have a range of possibilities that can be discussed with your supplier.

If space is a concern to you, leasing equipment on a temporary basis can help you reorganise your space and use it more efficiently.

These containers can also be customised with different options such as temperature monitoring, ramps, alarm systems, shelving and much more. With all these in mind, you can surely find the commercial fridge freezer that best suits your product refrigeration demands.


Commercial fridge freezers need to be maintained and serviced on a regular basis to ensure efficiency. Using a poorly-functioning unit can lead to product wastage and general safety issues. When leasing, companies will take up the hassle and relieve you from this responsibility. This way, you avoid planning for this extra expense and can worry about what matters more.

At CRS, we have an active preventive maintenance policy for all hired refrigeration and cold storage units to ensure they always work correctly.

If you are thinking of renting a 40ft commercial fridge freezer, get in touch and one of our Cold Storage experts will help you.

Thursday 11th June 2020

Published by: CRS Cold Storage

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