Cooling Food Fast with Blast Chillers – How They Work

Cooling food with blast chillers is faster and more hygienic than traditional cooling methods and can help you to chill bulk quantities of cooked foods, without worrying about bacterial contamination.

Investing in a blast chiller can save you time, money and can improve the quality of your cooked and fresh foods dramatically.

This article looks at how blast chillers can do all of this and much more.


Health and Safety

Legislation set by the Government Food Standards Agency and Hazard Analysis and Critical Control Points (HACCP) state that food must be cooled and refrigerated as quickly as possible after cooking.

Some blast chillers can bring the temperature of produce down from around 70°C to 3°C in approximately 90 minutes, ensuring they fall well in line with standards set by these bodies. For higher quantities of food, large blast chillers are the best choice and can cool tonnes of food within less than 36 hours.

Following legislation set out by these bodies is important both for the quality of your produce and the health of your customers, making blast chillers the best choice for any business in the food and drink industry.


Cooling Food Fast with Blast Chillers

Cold air and basic refrigeration

Refrigerators are essentially insulated cabinets which use an electric compressor to move liquid around cooling bars and drop the temperature of air inside a unit. When a refrigerator is opened, this cold air is released and warm air from outside the unit enters. To ensure the temperature of the unit stays low, this compressor is activated each time the door is opened, meaning it can once again begin to cool the air inside.

In regular kitchens, domestic fridges are built to withstand a minimal amount of heat and door opening, meaning that the temperature in the fridge is brought back up accordingly. In busy kitchens, this simply isn’t good enough, which is why blast chillers are an essential piece of kit for restaurants and caterers.


Why blast chillers go that little bit further

To keep up with higher temperatures and constant use, blast chillers use powerful compressors to rapidly pull down the internal temperature of the unit. This ensures that each time cold air is released from the unit it is quickly replaced, keeping produce inside safe and hygienic.

Another difference between the basic, domestic refrigerator and commercial blast chillers is their incredibly powerful fans. To cool foods both evenly and rapidly, high velocity fans blow cold air throughout the entire unit. This is air is circulated rapidly by the internal fans, ensuring that a continuous stream of icy cold air reaches every corner of the unit successfully.

The combination of a powerful compressor, teamed with a fast acting fan, is what ensures food is cooled down so rapidly. This process preserves the unique textures, taste and appearance of cooked foods, as well as ensuring that bacteria has little to no chance of developing, for a healthy and hygienic meal.

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Friday 31st May 2019

Published by: CRS Cold Storage

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