The benefits of a custom-built refrigerator

For industries that handle perishable products, commercial refrigeration is a crucial element. Professional cold stores not only help you meet with regulations that affect the handling of your products but also allow you to be more efficient by avoiding any unwanted wastage. However, not every business is the same – if you are thinking of investing in cold storage, but your requirements are quite particular, you may need to consider a custom-built refrigerator.

Here, we number a few of the main benefits of having a bespoke commercial refrigerator.

Additional access

While having a single door may be convenient for commercial kitchens with limited space, extra doors may be required for bigger spaces where the amount of produce handled is significant.

Having insulated doors is another feature you can request. Insulated doors are needed when working with temperatures below 8°C, but they can be fitted to any room.

Having a tailor-made commercial refrigerator will allow you to choose the most convenient type of access to improve efficiency within your business.

Tailored sizing

The size is, in most cases, particular to each business. The amount of produce you regularly manage and the space you have within your premises are two of the main problems businesses from every industry regularly face.

Cold store units can be tailor-made to utilise the space effectively. Whether you need an extra cold room to support your current refrigeration units or a more global solution to deal with demand, a tailor-made refrigerator could help you optimise the area that you have available.

Specific flooring

Flooring is another feature you can get customised when ordering a bespoke commercial refrigerator.

Cold rooms can normally be supplied with or without an insulated floor. Insulated floors are essential when you need to operate at temperatures below -2°C. They are also recommended for cold rooms situated on intermediate floor levels where temperatures are below 5°C.

Your staff will follow different procedures depending on the products that they work with and the nature of your business. Specific flooring is needed under certain temperature conditions, and it has a huge impact on convenience and efficiency.


When you customise your commercial refrigerator, you will be given the opportunity to enhance the unit with other options. Some of these will include lighting or extra shelving units.

These features can help your staff operate more efficiently and are a benefit that you should not sub estimate when ordering your bespoke solution.

From refrigerated containers to fast-acting blast freezers, bespoke solutions can easily adapt to your business needs. At CRS, we provide tailor-made cold rooms that are built to customer specifications, with energy efficiency and durability in mind. If you are interested in knowing more about our custom-built refrigerator solutions, get in touch, and our team will help you.

Thursday 26th September 2019

Published by: CRS Cold Storage

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