Preconditioning of Eutectic Plates

Eutectic Plates are used in various industries to keep temperature-sensitive goods cool during transportation.

An efficient cold chain supply line is essential for maintaining the quality of all products, as an interruption in the cold chain can result in damage or spoilage of the goods.

Here's where Eutectic Plates come in! They are simply cool blocks, just like the ones you use in your cool bag when going on a picnic. These commercial versions come in a rigid or flexible format and are filled with eutectic gel. The plates are frozen and added into consignments of goods to help prolong the temperature of stored goods.

When the goods are transported in insulated containers, supplementary cooling is recommended by CE / DIN and by European directives for anything over 2hrs in transit. Eutectic Plates, or Freezer Plates, help to increase transportation time by up to 24 hours, depending on the variables at play. 

Freezer Plate Preconditioning

The key benefits that Eutectic Plates bring into your operations are the fact that they are safe to be handled by anyone, environmentally friendly and reusable. These plates can be effective for many years when implementing best practices, so let's look at these below!

Best practice for chilling Freezer Plates

The following recommendations will ensure effective use and care of Eutectic Plates.

  • Use a freezing rack for fast and efficient freezing.
  • Ensure air circulation of between 3-6 meters per second.
  • Maintain a minimum distance of 30mm between plates.
  • Use a specialist cold store or blast freezer for freezing plates.
  • Avoid placing freezing racks near doors or openings.
  • Keep plates clean and free of debris.

Phase Change Materials (PCMs) such as Eutectic Plates are an essential part of the cold chain; however, the correct and most efficient means is vital for preconditioning large volumes of gel plates. You can effectively precondition gel plates with Blast Freezers from CRS, as these solutions have been developed for rapid cooling. 

Keep the cold chain moving by improving efficiency, cutting costs and reducing the time it takes to precondition your gel plates with a high-quality Preconditioning Blast Freezer from CRS. Speak with one of our specialists who will advise you on the most suitable solution. 

Saturday 24th September 2022

Published by: CRS Cold Storage

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