Fine Fish Cold Storage

Why is it important to keep the finest fish and seafood frozen?

In recent years, the fishing industry has been struggling due to high demand and unsustainable fishing practices, which has significantly strained the global food supply of seafood.

Luckily most fish and seafood can be frozen and easily stored for months with no changes to the freshness and quality. 

Why is storage necessary for frozen fish products?

Failing to store fish to the required temperature can make the product unviable for consumption. Should this happen, it can increase costs and wasted revenue opportunities. Fortunately, investing in a high-quality freezing unit can mitigate this.

When freezing fresh fish, it must be packaged and stored at the correct temperature to reduce dehydration and oxidation. In doing so, you can ensure the freshness and nutritional benefits of the product remain intact.

Maintaining the appropriate temperature for frozen food is crucial as it can easily be wasted if not stored correctly. Additionally, adhering to the temperature allows the product to progress through the supply chain from securing the fish to the distribution to the end consumer.

Why is fish storage important to businesses?

High-quality storage is essential for businesses to preserve the quality of their products to the highest standards. Businesses handling different fish and seafood worldwide will need to follow strict regulations in order to remain compliant with health and safety standards.

Different fish will need to be stored at different temperatures to retain their flavour. Fish wholesalers and suppliers aim to provide the finest fish and seafood, such as delicacies like sashimi, to the client’s door to satisfy customers.

Using cold storage ensures that the product is kept in the best quality, guaranteeing freshness when served to consumers. By providing products in the best condition to businesses, including restaurants and retailers, you can gain their trust in being a reliable supplier.

Alongside cold storage, a blast freezer is very valuable for restaurants. It allows kitchen employees easy access to retrieve the frozen fish and begin the thawing process.

Having access to a blast freezer on-site can increase the storage capacity, ensuring that ingredients for specials and most ordered dishes do not run out.

Additionally, the freezer storage reduces the need for daily deliveries due to increased capacity. With so much convenient space, businesses can reduce the amount of waste generated, improve their overhead, and reduce their impact on the environment.

Why is a -65˚C Cold Store perfect for high-value seafood?

CRS’ Ultra-Low Temperature storage is perfect for temperature-sensitive products. It can go as low as -65˚C, which is perfect for quickly freezing fish and seafood without changing the original quality of the product, simply making it last longer.

The unit can be completely bespoke to meet the unique needs of any business. Already coming with easy open doors, internal and emergency lighting and a door-mounted temperature display, the unit is an essential solution for storing frozen products.

The CRS team has nearly three decades of experience providing high-quality cold storage to the fish industry.

Contact us for more information about how CRS can help you preserve delicacies, helping you to reduce waste every day. Call today and speak with our Ultra-Low Temperature storage specialists, who can advise you on the best solution.

Thursday 31st March 2022

Published by: CRS Cold Storage

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