Freezer Storage and Bad Bacteria

When buying and preparing food in our own homes, meat and fish products need to be stored correctly and safely to ensure that they are in the best condition possible when we come to consume them. This is no different for those working in the food and drink sector, as many products must be chilled or frozen whilst being stored in their respective warehouses, before reaching the supermarket or restaurant.

Correct freezer storage is important wherever you are but especially so when serving the public as the rules and regulations regarding health and safety are much stricter, and keeping your customers safe should be your top priority.

Unpleasant bacteria can begin to develop at a very low temperature and multiplies quickly when meat, fish and poultry are stored incorrectly – which is why many choose freezer storage over regular refrigeration.

There are several different types of bacterial infection that a person can contract if eating fresh food that has been stored incorrectly, all of which may cause serious health issues if a customer has a weakened or underdeveloped immune system. Salmonella, Campylobacter and E. coli are just some of the most common bacteria that can develop in raw animal products but there are many more that can go on to develop into equally alarming illnesses.

Alongside proper freezer storage, it’s also important to teach your staff about the importance of good hygiene. Some bacterium, such as Staphylococci, lives in the noses and throats of humans and can be easily transferred from a carrier without proper protection. When working with food products that are going into frozen storage, it’s crucial to always wear masks and gloves to protect food from human contamination.

Many people are unaware of how quickly bacteria can spread therefore education, united with quality freezer storage is the perfect combination to keep your customers safe and your business reputable. Appropriate freezer storage will help to eliminate some potential cross-contamination threats too, as high-quality storage units are made from easy to clean materials that keep the spread of bacteria to a minimum. Alongside this, many frozen storage units can freeze thousands of kilograms of fish, poultry and meat in a 24 hour period, ensuring there’s minimal time for any of that bad bacteria to develop.

No matter what area of the food industry you’re in, investing in good quality freezer storage will ensure that both your business and your customers are protected from all of these easily avoidable incidents.

Wednesday 13th August 2014

Published by: CRS Cold Storage

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