Freezer Storage for Industry

When it comes to choosing the correct Freezer Storage for your industry, a variety of factors need to be considered.

Investing in the correct chilled storage is essential to assist in company growth and increase profits.

Specifications of an industrial freezer need to meet your company’s needs and requirements. Whether you work in the catering, retail, pharmaceutical or the meat industry, an industrial freezer can be a great asset.

CRS offer a broad range of refrigerated containers for all applications and a range of bespoke products for all our clients. Investing in an industrial freezer that suits your unique and specific company needs can be an ideal solution that will provide long term benefits.

Read more to find out about the great features of our freezer storage units.

High Specification Freezer Storage

Regular freezers may not be able to provide the similar specifications as commercial freezers, therefore taking the time to shop around for the top of the range refrigerator is important. Our range of refrigerators offer cutting edge technology and top of the range equipment.

Higher specification and top of the range equipment that is used to provide the best Freezer Storage product options for our clients, is one benefit of our industrial freezers.

The benefits of adaptability to your business, cost-efficiency and an increase in productivity, highlights some of the higher specifications of CRS freezers.

Industrial Freezers Storage

Temperature Monitoring

When storing a variety of products, temperature may need to be adapted to suit specific products. This requires close monitoring to ensure products are meeting standards and regulations and are safe to be sold on to consumers.

Those that deal with food or medical products are required to pay close attention to the temperature that products are stored under, this is due to the ill harm that can be caused if products are not at their optimum quality. Additionally, to extend the quality and storage life of products, ensuring they are stored within the right temperature range is important.

Ensuring that your products are stored correctly can save you money and prevent a waste of products. In addition, the benefit of temperature monitoring is that it allows for industries to keep an eye on their products and can act as a peace of mind.

Industrial Freezers UK

Expansion in Industrial Freezer Storage

During busy periods, your industry may require expanding on storage capacities. In addition to optimising use of any space available, extra storage may be required to either be rented short-term or invested in long-term as an ideal solution.

An extension in cold and industrial freezer storage will also provide your industry with additional opportunities to store new products and widen out your storage range.  This could be a great potential to capitalise in new business ventures and allow trialling of new business opportunities.

Our CRS industrial refrigerators can be situated externally or internally, allowing you to free up space within your industry premise. This allows companies to store a wide array of products all year round without compromising space.

There are a wide variety of options available to choose from including blast freezers, walk in chiller’s and mega cold stores.  All products can be adapted to suit any specific requirements and to provide you with the best solution.

At CRS, we pride ourselves in providing clients with solutions that are energy and cost efficient. There a variety of options to choose from and CRS will aim to take in clients every need and requirement. Call today and speak with one of our cold storage experts - 0800 085 2298.


Wednesday 31st July 2019

Published by: CRS Cold Storage

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