Challenges of Frozen Poultry Shortage

In the past couple of years, supply chain efforts have been massively impacted by Covid, Brexit and current international events. The need to stockpile products in the food industry has increased due to the unfortunate delays at the UK borders.

With the UK so dependent on other countries for their poultry supply alongside exporting the product, many businesses are desperately preparing for shortages of frozen poultry.

It can be challenging to simultaneously stockpile frozen goods and defrost the meat during busy periods whilst maintaining safety standards. To do so correctly, businesses need to invest in high-quality cold storage and quick thawing units that can help reduce the risks of stock deterioration. 

Why is high-quality storage necessary during frozen poultry shortages?

Freezing and thawing can be dangerous if the transitions are not performed quickly and efficiently. When the goods immediately don't reach the correct temperatures, the bacteria that causes food poisoning becomes active and multiplies rapidly. 

In order to provide high-quality poultry, correct storage is highly recommended to meet customers' demands instantly, whether for freezing or defrosting poultry. Temperature monitored storage solutions are necessary during supply shortages to store stock with little to no waste in the long run. 

Advantages of investing in high-quality units

High-quality storage such as Blast Freezers and Quick Thaw Units (QTU) allows many businesses to stockpile frozen foods such as poultry and maintain their freshness and quality for longer. 

Benefits CRS solutions provide:

  • Minimal Manual Operation - Reliable solutions that require little to no supervision.

  • Temperature monitoring - Maintains correct internal temperatures to ensure the best quality. 

  • High Capacity - Effectively freezes or defrosts high volumes of stock.

Quick Thaw Unit's most significant advantage is that any products can be stored ahead of time, delaying the defrosting process; this allows the frozen chicken to maintain its shelf life a little longer in the correct temperatures until it's required.

Looking to invest in a high-quality solution for guaranteed maximum product quality? Contact CRS specialists now to discuss the perfect solution for your poultry products. 


Friday 24th June 2022

Published by: CRS Cold Storage

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