Future Proof your Cold Chain

Regardless of your industry, companies are being faced with challenging influences regarding their stock and future supplies. As a result of Brexit and COVID-19, there is much uncertainty facing supply chains resulting in it being essential for companies to future proof their cold storage.

The situation

With supply chains withering under the sheer increase in demand across a variety of sectors, consumer demand will gradually increase as the current factors (Primarily Brexit and COVID-19) continue to grow more rapidly severe.

With the Brexit trade agreement coming into force 1st of January and much of it still being unknown, many companies may face a shortage of supplies, ingredients and general products this upcoming year.

Intensifying this, the current pandemic is further fracturing international supply chains and increasing the strain for companies which Brexit is causing.

The Solution

A clear and established solution to combat this is through introducing cold storage into your store operations and thus expanding your storage capability. Investing in cold storage now can result in significant savings in the future whilst securing additional stock for your company.

We saw throughout the pandemic that some companies were making significant increases in their prices when stocks were becoming depleted. Investment into cold storage allows for you to future proof your company by increasing your stock capacity.

Cold Storage Containers enable you to store ingredients and products in bulk at the desired temperature to ensure that they remain viable if they are perishable goods. With the ability to choose the temperature, it means that not only are the solutions appropriate for fresh but also for frozen storage.

This opens up a range of different industries to benefit from longer-lasting storage and not just historically those products which are not perishable such as flour, sugar and raw ingredients. Now, companies including butchers, fishmongers and companies selling all manner of frozen food can store in bulk.

CRS Cold Storages

At CRS, we have a number of different solutions available for long terms hire to help future proof your supply chains. Due to our predictions during Brexit and at the beginning of COVID-19 relating to the severe impact which they will have for the economy, we were able to ensure we have the capacity to provide solutions to more businesses.

We have a range of different Cold Storage Containers available which can be customised to the needs of your business. Available in 10ft, 20ft, 40ft or our Mega storage solution, we have the answer to enhance your storage supplies throughout these challenging times.

View the product range here today

Get in contact today to discover our range of solutions and how they can increase your storing capacity. Our containers are readily available for long-term hire, but we cannot guarantee how much longer our stocks will last.

Wednesday 18th November 2020

Published by: CRS Cold Storage

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