Hospitality Cold Storage

CRS Mobile Cold Storage Provides Tailored Solutions for the Hospitality Industry

The hospitality industry has been struggling with the impact of a recent surge in energy prices. As energy costs soar, businesses are facing increased pressure to find innovative and efficient solutions for their refrigeration needs.

In this article, we explore how CRS Mobile Cold Storage can be the much-needed lifeline for hospitality businesses, addressing their unique challenges and fulfilling their critical cold storage requirements.

Understanding the Hospitality Industry Hardships

The hospitality industry is no stranger to challenges, and in recent times, it has faced unprecedented difficulties. Labour shortages have led to increased operational costs, while supply chain disruptions have caused fluctuations in the availability and pricing of essential commodities.

With these struggles, the escalating energy prices further add to the burden, making energy-intensive refrigeration processes a major concern for businesses.

Hospitality Cold Storage

How can CRS Mobile Cold Storage provide tailored solutions for Hospitality Industry needs?

CRS’s specialist team has worked with a wide range of businesses within the hospitality, event, retail and food sector and we have delivered various types of customised solutions, depending on the unique needs of the business.

Here are some of the exclusive offers that we provide:

Energy Efficiency

CRS units are engineered to be highly energy-efficient, employing advanced insulation materials and cooling mechanisms to minimise energy consumption. This translates into significant cost savings, especially in the face of rising energy prices.

Mobility and Convenience

CRS Mobile Cold Storage units are portable and can be easily transported to various locations, ensuring goods can be stored closer to their point of use. This reduces energy losses during transportation and allows businesses to adapt their storage needs as demand fluctuates.

Temperature Control and Food Safety

CRS units offer precise temperature control, ensuring perishable goods remain at the optimal temperature to maintain freshness and safety. This is particularly critical for the hospitality industry, where food quality is paramount.

Sustainable Solution

By embracing energy-efficient practices, businesses can align with their sustainability goals, reducing their carbon footprint and enhancing their environmental credentials.

Flexible Hire and Financial Relief

One of the standout features of CRS Mobile Cold Storage is the flexibility we offer in terms of hiring options. Instead of long-term commitments and hefty investments, businesses can opt for short-term hire agreements that align perfectly with their seasonal fluctuations or event-specific needs.

This not only reduces financial risks but also allows businesses to scale their refrigeration capacity precisely when required.

Aligning Lease of Cold Storage with Building Lease

CRS takes customer convenience to the next level by offering the option to align the lease of their cold storage units with the lease of their building. This strategic alignment ensures seamless integration into the business's financial planning, reducing administrative complexities and streamlining operations.

Client Success

Please see our case study video about Gritchie Brewery's storage expansion and growth, thanks to CRS Mobile Cold Storage Solutions:

Also, we recently implemented a special cost-saving unit for Couverture Desserts, and this is what Tim Healy, Couverture’s Managing Director said about their experience:

“We have worked with CRS for the past 7 years and they helped us decide on the best options for the company and have supported us through Covid, Brexit and now the energy crisis. We initially found CRS very helpful and engaging, with competitive pricing, but it was the combination of all of these factors that made us choose CRS to work with and we are very happy with that call.

With the energy pricing going through the roof, CRS acted very quickly to equip us with the newest and most energy-efficient units to help us combat the growing prices. This had a huge impact as we found it hard to absorb these growing costs. The units we have on-site helped us grow the business and become a lot more self-sufficient and we have been able to manage a lot more of our finished goods on-site, which is a huge help for us!”

Solutions for the Hospitality Industry

As the hospitality industry continues to navigate through challenging times, CRS Mobile Cold Storage emerges as a perfect answer for cold storage management. Beyond offering energy-efficient refrigeration solutions, CRS provides businesses with unmatched flexibility in hire options, the convenience of aligning lease agreements, and cost-effective additional storage space.

By embracing CRS Mobile Cold Storage, hospitality businesses can optimise their operations, reduce costs, and enhance their resilience in the face of economic uncertainties. In times of hardship, the adaptability and cost-effectiveness of CRS units serve as a vital lifeline, paving the way for a sustainable and prosperous future in the hospitality sector.

Get in touch with our team and let’s discuss what is the perfect solution for your hospitality business!


Friday 1st September 2023

Published by: CRS Cold Storage

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