Why do ice cream companies hire cold storage?

The Ice Cream supply chain is heavily reliant on cold storage with companies needing to ensure frozen products maintain their quality and saleability. By efficiently implementing cold storage into your operations, you can increase your capacity to store a larger volume of products to sell during the seasons where demand is at its greatest.

As a highly saturated market, Ice Cream companies need to expand their product offerings to differentiate themselves from increasing competition to achieve growth and success. Cold storage is a dynamic solution for meeting stringent temperature needs with these extended product offerings requiring specific temperatures. 

Demand for ice cream over the summer

Summertime is a massive opportunity for ice cream companies due to the unprecedented increase in demand for the product compared to other seasons. Many people look for fast ways to cool down in high temperatures, and frozen dessert seems the most attractive option. 

To complement the demand for the product, there has also been an increase in the demand for alternatives to meet the consumer’s ever-changing taste, including choices for health-conscious consumers who prefer low-sugar or low-fat desserts. 

The consumer base inevitably increases during summer as children are off school and the families are keener to travel further from their homes. For example, parents are more likely to take their children to the beach, and the quickest way to cool them down is through frozen dessert. 

However, warm temperatures can impact the saleability of ice cream by melting products and leading to a loss in revenue. To avoid the heat from damaging all of your stock, investing in a high-quality Blast Freezer can help you stay in control of your stock with temperature monitoring as well as increase the capacity to expand your selection of frozen desserts. 

Why do independent ice cream companies need cold storage?

In recent years, artisan Ice Cream companies have become increasingly popular, with consumers appreciating the traditional method of ice cream production. Many businesses are now encouraged to make more extravagant flavour-inspired desserts such as “Sticky Caramelised Fig” or “Mango Sticky Rice” gelato.

Ice cream companies that aspire to include and experiment with new flavours come to require a high-quality freezer. The need grows as they have to store the desserts and also different ingredients such as exotic fruits that would expire quickly if not kept in temperature-controlled storage. 

The increase in product offerings automatically puts a lot of pressure on storage capacity. However, an expansion in cold storage units can help reduce overfilling with too much stock. So high-quality cold storage can increase capacity for meeting this demand and reduce the risk of consumers going elsewhere by providing the best quality product.  

Importance of ice cream storage and temperature

The correct temperature and storage for ice cream are necessary for health and safety reasons. To safely store ice cream, it is recommended to freeze it at around -23°C and serve it at about -16°C. 

If the dessert is not frozen correctly, stored ice crystals will form and leave a crunchy texture in the ice cream. This will lead to wasted products and loss in revenue as the consumer’s demand is not met due to the reduced stock supply resulting in a loss of customers and their loyalty. 

CRS offers bespoke blast freezers with built-in temperature control and monitoring, unique to your business requirements. This allows any business to expand the selection of frozen desserts efficiently and increase revenue effectively. With the Blast Freezer, you can freeze or chill at temperatures of -40°C to +10°C, perfect for all year round. 

Provide your customers with the best quality frozen desserts by investing in a suitable cold storage solution. CRS Cold Storage has a range of Blast Freezers perfect for ice cream storage. Contact us to help improve the growth of your business.

Thursday 14th July 2022

Published by: CRS Cold Storage

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