Cold storage and ice cream stores

With summer on the way, you might be thinking about expanding your cold storage capabilities or investing in ice cream stores to keep up with demand.

As the weather gets warmer, the call for frozen snacks increases, so if you’re a restaurant, café, caterer or supermarket, it makes sense to start thinking about commercial chillers.

With rising temperatures, the importance of getting your products into refrigeration quickly becomes more of an issue. Blast chilling is the most sensible way to store chilled and frozen snacks in summer and can be rented or purchased in a number of sizes.

For smaller businesses, 10ft blast chillers are the most appropriate and are small enough to be stored inside. Small businesses with larger kitchens may also find that their cold storage can be placed there, whilst those struggling with internal space can safely store their chiller outdoors.

10ft Blast Freezer

It’s not all about size

Despite their compact and easy to use nature, mini blast chillers aren’t the only option available. In fact, there are many chiller sizes to choose from that are perfect for medium to larger sized businesses looking to expand for summer. There are also many other benefits to consider when investing in cold storage, many of which can have a positive impact well after summer has passed by.

Multiple sizes

10ft, 20ft, 40ft and 45ft blast chillers available as standard.

High storage capabilities

Freeze up to 2 tonnes of produce in under 36 hours with a 10kW chiller, up to 10 tonnes with a 60kW unit and up 20 tonnes in a 106kw one.

No planning permission

Meaning you can immediately order and place your future ice cream store without having to wait around for the all-clear.

Fantastic temperature range

Freeze or chill at temperatures of -40°C to +10°C, perfect for ice cream season, the rest of the year and beyond.

Custom pallet capacity

3 to16 pallet capacity available for smaller units, up to 20 pallet capacity for larger units and even larger capacities available with extra-wide cold storage.

Not what you’re looking for? CRS also offer custom cold storage options for specialist needs. Simply talk to one of our knowledgeable team members about your specific requirements today.


Ice Cream Stores

Blast chillers make for excellent ice cream stores, as they reduce the temperature goods very quickly, even when chilling or freezing in bulk. Chilling quickly is not only important to stop the development of bacteria; it also reduces the amount of frozen water in the ice cream – a factor that can lead to a tough and unpleasant texture.

With a quick freeze and continued controlled temperature monitoring, a commercial ice cream store will allow you to expand your selection of frozen goods quickly and efficiently, giving you a competitive edge as summer 2017 rolls in.

Looking for high quality ice cream stores? CRS Cold Storage have a range of blast chillers and commercial cold storage perfect for the storage of ice cream, ice cubes, iced drinks and other frozen snacks and desserts.

Tuesday 6th June 2017

Published by: CRS Cold Storage

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