In-house Temperature Control Solutions

4 reasons to use in-house temperature control solutions

Investing in in-house cold storage can bring a wide range of benefits in the long term. Associated costs of working with third parties and all the regulations, safety, and quality checks that come with them are just an example of these advantages.

If you are considering bringing cold storage solutions in-house, these are four reasons why doing it is worth the investment.

Quality control

An in-house solution gives you more power over the refrigeration controls and safety requirements for your products.

Having your own refrigeration solution means you have total control over the temperature of your products. Practically every unit on the market is equipped with temperature control sensors that can help you not only monitor the temperature but also set up alarms that let you know of any potential risks in temperature fluctuation.

Reduced costs & time

If you don’t currently have a refrigerated unit in-house, you will likely be using third-party solutions. The costs and time attached can be significantly reduced by investing in your cold refrigeration solution. The initial investment may sound a bit off-putting, but if your business relies completely on cold storage, the long-term numbers will be in your favour.

Using in-house cold storage will reduce not only the amount of handling needed but also the need for offsite storage and distribution. You can remove time-consuming tasks from your list, like auditing third parties and assessing their work.

Customer satisfaction rates are very likely to improve too as there won’t be as many intermediaries, and therefore, the time that the whole process takes will be considerably reduced.

Reduce Waste

No wastage

No matter the temperature requirements of your items, cold storage refrigerators can be set up to maintain a constant flow of air that keeps the temperature at the right level constantly.

With the correct temperature-controlled solution, you can expect to reduce the amount of product wastage efficiently.

Flexible solutions

From refrigerated containers, blast freezers, mega cold stores, and pharmaceutical cold stores to industrial freezers and cold rooms, the amount of choice when selecting your solution is huge.

Cold storage solutions can be adapted to the needs of your business to make sure that the temperature and all the assets within the refrigerators are aligned with your operating methods.

At CRS, we are experts at providing the right cold storage solution for a wide range of industries. Whether you are looking to hire or purchase, we can help. Get in touch for a no-obligation quote.

Monday 27th March 2023

Published by: CRS Cold Storage

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