How can Cold Storage help with an increasing business overhead?

Many businesses are under increasing pressure to eliminate expenses to remain profitable due to the cost-of-living crisis that is, unfortunately, affecting many people in the UK.

Efficient cold storage is one of the most profitable investments for businesses helping them stay in control of their stock with increased capacity and temperature monitoring solutions to ensure food remains viable for consumption and therefore eliminating waste.

How can businesses reduce waste? 

Food waste is a major global issue often caused by ineffective cold storage. Failing to store foods in their correct temperatures increases stock waste and other additional overhead costs.

Cold storage reduces waste by:

  • Improving food safety and hygiene – effective cold storage helps reduce risks of bacterial contamination. 
  • Allowing constant stock monitoring – which can be easily achieved through temperature-controlled containers
  • Regular solution maintenance – can help identify current or future malfunctions.  

CRS’ high-quality cold storage can help your business reduce high levels of stock waste with solutions that can be customised to the direct needs of your products.

How can your business reduce storage costs?

Cold storage containers are an essential asset to businesses in the food industry as they ensure perishable goods remain in optimum condition before being presented to consumers. Businesses can work to minimise operating costs by choosing sustainable cold storage solutions.

Cold storage reduces your costs with:

  • LED lighting – helps to reduce energy costs as well as improves safety and convenience.
  • Door design – well-insulated doors and minimal opening times reduce heat infiltration.  
  • High-velocity evaporator fans – provides rapid temperature change. 
  • Security – ensures perishable products’ safety with remote diagnostics and alarms. 

Improve production performance by integrating Super Freezers (ULT) into your facility, allowing you to store perishable goods for short or long periods, depending on your product demand. Correct temperature monitoring will allow you to keep in control of your stock and reduce food waste, increasing your revenue.

What are the advantages of choosing CRS cold storage solutions?

In the food industry, staying in control of the freezing process is highly important to ensure that your products are suitable for consumption once they are defrosted. This procedure allows you to offer your customers the best quality product to help increase the revenue of your business.

CRS offers cold storage containers in various sizes suitable to many industries that help maintain your product's freshness, flavours, and quality. Temperature control solutions at CRS include safety features that help to enhance the entire operation, such as sight, sound and man trap alarms to improve your employees’ safety.

Looking to decrease your business overhead? Invest in high-quality solutions that will guarantee you maximum production productivity. Fill out the form, and one of our CRS experts will be in touch with you to discuss the best solution for your industry.

Tuesday 26th July 2022

Published by: CRS Cold Storage

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