Increase efficiency with QTUs

During busy periods, many businesses in the food industry are challenged by consumers' demand for stock alongside the fracturing supply chain. So, businesses need to invest in high-quality solutions to help secure the stock, increase efficiency, and limit increasing costs impacting businesses.

High-quality Quick Thaw Units can help you accelerate the defrosting process to deliver fresh and nutritional products to your customer. 

How can QTUs increase your business efficiency? 

Quick Thaw Units (QTUs) enable fast and effective defrosting of small and large quantities of frozen goods. This specialist temperature control solution quickly defrosts pallets of goods, keeping quality properties intact while meeting safety standards.

Benefits of Quick Thaw Units:

No manual operation

The manual operation needed for QTUs are very minimal. The benefits of using a highly efficient and reliable thawing solution that requires minimum supervision can be crucial to your business during busy periods.

QTUs are equipped with a delay timer which enables the user to set the start time of the thawing cycle. This way, frozen goods can be loaded or stored ahead of time and defrosted when needed. Once the products have been appropriately defrosted, the unit can maintain the desired temperature for longer to ensure the best quality and aid removal.

Increase capacity

Many businesses in the food industry struggle to maintain a consistent flow of products that reach customers at the right time. QTU stores increase in-house storage capacity and provide a faster and safer procedure for preparing stock for your customers.

Quick Thaw Units have a high capacity, meaning they can effectively defrost entire pallets of goods in one go. Quick Thaw Units can help you cope with small or large stock quantities if it's a challenge keeping on top of the defrosting cycle. 

Maintain quality

As the pressure of demanding periods can be challenging to guarantee top-quality products to the customer, dealing with high volume orders can be difficult if the cold storage and thawing process are not correctly designed and planned. 

QTUs have been developed for temperature-sensitive products as temperatures below freezing can impact the quality of the goods and cause safety breakages if the procedure is not correctly carried out. 

Tempering or defrosting units can effectively monitor temperature fluctuations to avoid any possible damage to your products, ensuring that quality and safety standards are constantly maintained.

Why choose CRS Quick Thaw Units?

CRS engineering team collaborated with Klinge to produce high-quality temperature control solutions for businesses in the food industry. This solution allows businesses to maintain an efficient and effective process when defrosting large and small quantities of frozen stock. 

The collaboration with Klinge has enhanced the solution as it can provide downloadable temperature data for food safety and quality assurance. QTUs help reduce costs as the solution encourages more use of frozen consumables than expensive fresh foods.

Quick Thaw Units can help your business to accelerate the defrosting process and deliver your goods in high quality to your end customer. Contact our experts today to discuss your business's correct temperature control solution. 

Friday 8th July 2022

Published by: CRS Cold Storage

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